A Fallout TV show for some reason

That sounds like a cool idea, I’ll give it a fair shake.

You could do a lot of shows with that license. One following the NCR, one following the Brotherhood of steel, another following the Institute. You could also do a bunch at different time periods.

Also, what is going on with Europe during this time?

I’d like to see The Adventures of Dogmeat, with a new master each episode.

This could be good in an alternate universe, but Bethesda, so I assume it will be cringe worthy.

There has never, ever, been a worthwhile TV show based on a videogame property, in the history of the world. Never happened. But yeah, I’m sure Bethesda is gonna crack that nut.

(The Witcher doesn’t count. Books came first. And don’t bring up japanime.)

People were saying there was never a decent videogame made about Batman until Arkham Asylum, too. It’s always impossible until somebody does it.

Absolutely, I’m right with you there, I just don’t see Bethesda’s quality control being the ones to do it. Blizzard produced an awful movie.

More info here: https://bethesda.net/en/article/22Up6o4uyEqTY5S3SdWYqD/kilter-films-teams-with-amazon-studios-to-develop-series-based-on-fallout

I’m wary of a Fallout tv show, but a Bethesda Fallout tv show will be great!

  • One character is just a floating mouth and eyeballs. Others have gray faces.
  • Every episode will begin with Garvey assigning the hero a mission.
  • Instead of cliffhangers, seasons can end on CTDs.
  • An overwrought, daddy-issues-driven plot that’s at best tangential to what’s happening on screen.

Remember the xbox one announcement event 7 years ago? They announced a Halo TV show was in development with Steven Spielberg. When did that air again?

This is going to be terrible if it ever comes out.

Due to scripting errors, sometimes characters don’t seem to understand what’s supposed to happen next and the show just ends.

The protagonist’s car disappears occasionally, especially if he left something in the boot.

Jesus Christ. Why do I hang out here again?

You get off sexually on relentless negativity?

This is being produced by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, of Westworld (and other) fame.

Unlike the HALO series announce, this has both a production company and financing already attached, so the chances that it actually happens are very high.

As for quality, I mean, who knows? It’s just a setting.

The Halo TV show was going to be produced by Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. Don’t know how or if it was financed, though.

The Fallout setting does have the advantage of being much cheaper to produce than a shiny sci-fi space show. They could re-use the sets from The Walking Dead. Or just shoot in Detroit.

I worry they’ll be shoe horned into Bethesda emphasis on the “gee golly” campiness of Fallout, rather than it’s more serious and dark humour elements. It’ll be like Lost in Space in the desert, rather than Fallout.

Best idea ever “for some reason”, he says. BOGGLE.

I’d love to see Richard Dean Anderson reprise his Fallout role of Killian for the show.

And Ron Perlman should obviously narrate.