A MMO with a real dynamic world?

Is there a mmo game in the making with a real dynamic world, that is affected by player decisions? (other than eve online of course)…

Guild Wars 2 is the only one I can think of it.

Arche-Age seems to be another - not out yet, but man it looks interesting

Looks like a good old-fashioned barn raising. Is one of the character classes Mennonite?

I definitely have my hopes up for that one… Hopefully the developers will deliver.

That is the holy grail, and some of us are really interested in doing such a thing.

WWII Online?

Wurm Online.

Proto-minecraft with an open, player shaped world and terrible technology.

A Tale in the Desert?

Pathfinder Online

Salem. Very little info currently. One big thing, it will supposedly have Permadeath. Should be interesting. The developer (Seatribe) points you to their forum. Now a Q3 2012 release, which will surely slip again to Q4 2012. Because that’s what happens with game I look forward to.

Reminds me of the game Vanguard:SOH should’ve been.

I will take a minute to say that while it’s an illusion, Rift did a pretty good job of making the world FEEL dynamic, with the Rifts and the potential for mobs to wipe out towns and the like. Prior to SWTOR, Rift was totally my favorite MMO for exactly that reason.

Quarantine yourself onto tiny niche market: check.

I do think they have talked about a system whereby you take over the role of another person in your city or a family member so that you do not start over from scratch.

I think Wurm fits the bill

Not just permadeath, but also open PVP. This game will go places.

So when’s the big sign-up for the Qt3 wreckball party opens up?

As I understand it, there’s some mechanism for passing certain of your skills and your stuff to a new toon after death. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Salem handles it.

God forbid someone try something different in an MMO other than dude with sword or dude with gun.