A new direction for Dawn of War 3

First thought: “A new direction annouced by THQ? oh oh”

Will Dawn of War III take a more traditional approach?
“Now Dawn of War III, either way, is going to have a much larger strategic component to it, more of a global battle going on with little tactical things, sort of MMO-like,” Bilson continue

Mmm a larger strategic component from where you launch the tactical battles? Like… the Total Wars or MoO/MoM?

Or maybe we should take more literally the ‘MMO-like’ label and it will be in part a MMORTS with a meta-strategy layer affected by who wins who in the multiplayer games.

A move-whole-regiments around game with a Dawn of War II-esque tactical battle component to help move the line would absolutely delight me.

Yeah, that sounds good to me. DOW1 was traditional Starcraft-style RTS, DOW2 was the small tactical thing, DOW3 can go Epic.

Do want this:

Risk like overhead battle map , zooming down to DOW 1, epic rts battles, with side missions like DOW 2’s special 4 squads attacking shit.

I just hope the single player part is still good.

They did the Risk like map in one of the DoW1 expansions.

Two of them, actually, and the turn-based Risk gimmick is really kind of boring, as far as I’m concerned. >.>

You are either thinking of a game other than DOW1, or never played a traditional RTS.

They need some way to hook players into the system for repeat business, but hopefully still understand that some people only want to do single player. So my wild guess is singleplayer/online integration. Perhaps we get to pick our race to play through the campaign (or skirmish) and the sum total of all that progress among global gamers changes a shared strategic map on the server. I think that’s like those MMORTS games (I only have a vague understanding of them) but integrated into offline play.

I’m not sure how you’d make that meaningful without ruining the loosely directed campaign experience though, especially since game companies abhor the idea of creating content that users might not see depending on dynamic conditions. That’s why it’s only a wild guess.

Nope, played a bunch, thanks.

I liked the Risk based campaigns, and I really like DoW2’s low unit count and no base building. I wouldn’t mine base building at a strategic turn-based level, but I really hope they keep the RTS part focused on tactics ala DoW2.

Well, it was slightly more traditional RTS than DoW 2.

I like the strategic choices given to the player with the Risk-style map, but the missions in the sectors were terrible. They may as well have been vanilla AI skirmish missions on stock multiplayer maps.

If you’re going to do the Risk thing, you need better individual missions to break it up.

It really depends on what you focus on. I immediately knew what DanielElliot was talking about, and in comparison to DoW2, DoW1 is much more similar to a traditional RTS. DoW1 adds some neat things like the importance of territory instead of harvesting ore or wood. But DoW2 is a huge shakeup of the traditional RTS structure.

So comparing just DoW1 and DoW2, I think it’s reasonable to view DoW1 as a mostly traditional RTS and DoW2 as something radically different and non-traditional.

What the hell is this supposed to mean? They already dropped that game like three months ago during the beta phase. The interview surely wasn’t conducted prior that, was it?

Isnt CoH Online still running in china?

Much as I loved the game, I’d level the same complaint against DoW2. The one thing I’d really like to see in DoW3 would some more mission variety.

That specific quote is from a earlier interview, months before the dismissal of CoH Online, the game journalist is putting it there to fill up a bit the brief news.

Yeah DoW 1’s risk campaigns were a miserable waste of time that only the masochist could enjoy.

Also Risk is a terrible, terrible game.

So much RISK hate… :(