A new direction for Dawn of War 3

Risk is an awesome game, except for when your luck runs out :(

You draw inspiration from Risk when you have literally lost your damn mind.

Sure, it’s fun. If you’re drunk, playing with friends and family, and everyone is cheating.

Any other time, Risk wins the worst game ever award. There are tons of other great board games out there to draw inspiration from, and they’re, like, actually good unlike Risk.

I don’t see why people are so hung up on the comparison to Risk. Moving troops on a world map divided into regions is not why Risk is a bad game, and that’s where the comparison ends.

There is an actual Games workshop game that we have YET to see computerised…

They could have easily done this in a magic the gathering fashion, online battles with purchasable stuff for your armies to collect…

but nooo.

Uh the Lord of the Rings? Battle of the Five Armies?

No? How about Necromunda? Mordheim? Battlefield Gothic? Epic Armageddon?

Personally I’d love to see something on a smaller scale like Inquisitor or Mordheim done. I’m definitely looking forward to Relic’s Space Marine.

Would also like to see the Warhammer (non-40k) license handed off to another developer. The previous games have been pretty meh. The last one I really liked was Shadow of the Horned Rat. I liked that PSP collectable card game too, although that doesn’t really count.

Gorkamorka! Actually I have no idea if that’s any good, I barely paid attention to it.

Other than that, I pretty much agree. You could make a quality wargame from Epic. An online Necromunda would be <3, Battlefleet Gothic deserves a computer translation, and Inquisitor would make for a game along the lines of the Vampires.

Personally I don’t find Warhammer 40K’s vision of space ships very appealing. Which is a bit strange given that I love the rest of the 40K setting. Somehow Gothic cathedrals flying in space doesn’t do it for me. I guess I like my space ships sleek and high tech.

[Edit] Just looked up Gorkamorka pretty hilarious. It’s been a while since the last great Road Warrior type game. Although since they seem so few and far between, I think I’d prefer one with people, not Orks.

It’s 40K - there’s always huge variety.

Eldar ships:



To be honest, it’s the rules that I want translated. I’ve only played a few games of BFG but I absolutely loved it. I’m not convinced it’s totally balanced but it does a great job of creating the atmosphere of a chaotic space battle and each race certainly has their own feel.

I guess I was thinking more the Imperial Fleet and the Space Marine Battle Barges. Definitely not sleek or high-tech looking.

Oh, I wasn’t arguing that they don’t exist! Just that there are alternatives. And to be fair the Imperial + Chaos fleets are the most popular for sure.

What GW game is Janster talking about? Talisman?

I couldn’t figure it out either, but I’m only up on standard Warhammer and Warhammer 40K and have only a vague sense that there are other games that they’ve got.

And more:

Why am I thinking it’s gonna be like what they were trying to do with Company of Heroes online.


I was talking of my dream GW game, not something that exist.

Consider this, take the table top game…use its rule as a collectible computer game…just sayin.

You are either a ridiculous nerd purist, or… no, you are definitely a ridiculous nerd purist.

I’m not sure how well that would work. 40K is nowhere near as balanced as a lot of popular multiplayer strategy games. It’s carried by the strength of its theme and the cinematic nature of the game.

As far as i’m concerned Relic’s Dawn of War series IS Warhammer 40k. Most of the contribution from Games Workshop seems to be more of a blueprint. If you actually read the rulebooks the tabletop game seems tragically simplistic; all that’s left is painting wankery.


Maybe I will make a new thread tomorrow…

I will eagerly await having to buy eight different commanders for each faction to get the full gameplay experience.

Funny how I don’t regret skipping Company of Heroes 2, but I’ll probably play Dawn of War 3. As long as it’s good, of course.