A new direction for Dawn of War 3


I picked up CoH2 recently and it’s actually really cool, they seemingly took a lot of what I thought was dumb at launch (I … don’t even recall why I wasn’t into it at this point, but I remember it being pretty dumb stuff I didn’t want at all in my COH game) and stripped it out. Worth checking out if you enjoy CoH I think.

I LOVE DoW2 but I find it’s kind of dated looking (part of that is I played so much of it I’m a little tired of it) - so a new DoW3 I’m ALL OVER. Assuming they can learn from the mistakes of CoH2 (like they seem to have).


I’m hoping this isn’t a MOBA, which would seem the logical evolution of the series and a good fit for the current market. I just want DoW II with an engine upgrade and more curated single player content (much of DoW II’s campaign felt like a skirmish mode with a patina of plot). We’ll see.


I might actually play a Dawn of War MOBA.

If it ever comes to that, just end me quickly.


Announcement trailer. Space Marines, Orks and Eldar are the only confirmed races thus far and, based on the wording of the video description, may be the only races in the base game at launch.


RPS has few blurbs about it. Sounds like they might be trying to meet in the middle between DoW and DoW2. Still have hero units but sounds like base building and large armies are making a comeback. Plus TITANS, mmmm titans. Early days to be sure, but I’m looking forward to seeing more.


Already has a Steam page.

Official PR: http://www.multivu.com/players/uk/7827151-warhammer-40000-dawn-of-war-iii-announced/

It doesn’t sound like Titans per se, just big units.


Dammit, I was hoping for at leas some screenshots. CGI trailers are not only useless, but I’ll wait to watch it when I have the game in my hands for the first time (since if history is any indicator, it will be unskippable the first time you launch the game anyway…)


Well the smaller titans at least. The Warlord and Phantom are on the tiny end of 40k Titans, but hey I’ll take it.


I’m surprised. But pleasantly. I hope they pull it off; the diverse scales might be a bit jarring, but I’d like to see some anime-inspired giant robots fight it out.


At Relic zoom levels, we’ll be lucky to see the entire Titan on one screen.


I am glad for the return to DOW1 style base building. :)


Sounds like the Ultimate Apocalypse mod with less content.


2017? I wish companies wouldn’t say anything until the game is a month or two out. I know they need marketing time, etc, but I am finding it difficult to get excited about a game still a year out just became they released a non-gameplay trailer. That said, I loved DoW2, so I am sure once it’s closer I will get on the hype train.


Here’s the only in-game shot that’s been released.


Ah, that is deflating. :/ Still excited in the abstract, but I’m gonna push this out of mind until at least this Winter.


It has assault marines, so I guess I’m in.

Not excited enough to follow it so I don’t mind the 2017 (2018) release. Wake me when it’s out.


Those are Imperial Knights by the way, not Titans.

Somewhat smaller than the Warhound, the scout and smallest Titan, they are single pilot mechs with nobles (as in chivalric households) as the pilots, they are fielded by the noble Houses as allies to the IG/Marines/Titan Legios or as Houses within the Mechanicus as well. There are also Freeblades which operate independently. If theres not a thread on the iPad Freeblade then go check it out, its a f2p on rails shooter. The entire Knight franchise turned up a few years ago, and popped into the fluff as if they had always existed.

The Eldar mech was a Wraithknight, which is a large walker mech piloted by twins, although one has to be dead (dead Eldar souls end up in spirit stones and can pilot mechs and things) and is a bigger version of the Eldar Wraithlord dreadnought from previous games.


Where do 40K nerds fall on the hierarchy of nerdom?

Just teasing. “Bigger Wraithlord” puts it into context for me after all those hours in DoW2.

Speaking of which, I hope they bring back Last Stand. An amusing diversion.


That screenshot. Daddy like.


That makes sense. I haven’t been following the 40k tabletop lore for awhile so when I see those style bodies I still think Warlord/Phantom. And I even really like the Freeblade iOS game! Thanks for clarifying!