A Song of Ice and Fire


Are female dwarfs with beards a Pratchett thing or does it predate him?


So I was in the Indigo book store the other day and I came across these absolute doorstops with GRRM’s name across the front and I was like WTF IS THIS SHIT? It’s taking more an 8 years to get his latest book in the series out and yet he has time to write these other tomes? Come on man. At this rate, even a healthy 70 year old would be outlived by this series and he doesn’t strike me as being a super health specimen.


I read GRRM can bench press 350 lbs and run a 5 minute mile.


Still my favorite ERP.


Yep, just watched it again the other night. “I cut my teeth on the trenches of the Somme, you LARPed your Santa Claus ass through Vietnam,” cracks me up every single time.


That was amazing.


It’s still fun!


Holy crap I’m in tears. I had never seen that and it is soooo funny. THANK YOU for linking it.


I’m glad others are enjoying it as much as I did when I first saw it. It’s on my Spotify play list even, and every so often I go watch it (and the Deadpool vs. Bobba Fett one is another favorite of mine). Seems like every time I see it I learn something new. Did anyone else notice in the intro Tolkien seems to just appear out of no where holding a ring, for example?!


My favorites are still a mix of these:

  • Jobs vs Gates
  • Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters
  • Mario Bros vs Wright Bros
  • Hawking vs Einstein
  • TMNT vs their historical counterparts
  • Vader vs Hitler (x2)

Hard to narrow it down to just this many actually…


So am I the only Qt3er who’s read Fire & Blood?


I’ll consider reading it after I read winds of winter.


I’m saving it for a vacation I’m leaving for this week.


You’re already finished?

I’m very tempted to get it after reading this review:


Finished it weeks ago. Sections are dry, but still interesting to fans of the series. And some sections are very interesting, such as Aerea’s fate and a certain three dragon eggs that are stolen and taken to Essos.


Weeks ago? It was only released on November 20th! 20 days! :P

You’re a fast reader. Even on a re-read, Books 1-3 of Ice and Fire took me (looks upthread) 3 weeks (Book 1), 6 weeks (Book 2) and 4 weeks (Book 3).


I listened to them on audiobook, which is nice, but probably slower than most Qt3-ers can read. (And less addicting, strangely.)


I got in the wait queue for Fire and Blood on my local library app. They only have one copy of the book, and I’m 8th in line. So I should have it in 16 weeks, which means end of March.


The lending period at my library is 21 days. :(


I’m a huge GRRM fan. I did get the audio book and listened to the first few chapters.

It’s not that good. I’ll come back to it; but the bottom line? It’s just not very good.

I went to back to a re-listen of The Wheel of Time. I’ll come back to Fire and Blood at some point. Maybe.

George is a great writer and when he is writing in the form and style used in ASoIaF - he’s brilliant. I think a A Storm of Swords is one of the greatest novels ever written in the English language.

But Fire and Blood? From what I can tell from the first few chapters? It’s just not very good. It’s as if GRRM was consciously just writing a broad sweep of world building that others could use to develop other series at HBO.