Aceru Combatu 7!

Japan strikes again with a new Ace Combat game!

I have been a HUGE ace combat fan on the PS/2 and the good one on the xbox 360. There’s one on PS/3 (or four?) I missed and one I thought really sucked. Anyway, looking forward to getting this one on PC.

Anyone gotten it on PS4 or XBONE? How is it? How does it compare to the PS/2 classics?

Ēsu Konbatto (エースコンバット) 7 would be more accurate, but anyway. ;)


Correct romaji (Hepburn) there would actually be “notto jisu shitto agen” (“disu” would actually be ディス), but point taken! ;)

I wasn’t referencing anything in particular. I just think it’s a funny gif.

Some basic questions about this I am having trouble finding answers to:

  • Can you use a HOTAS?
  • Is it only 3rd person or is there a cockpit mode? In reviews of the PS4 version they mention a cockpit mode for PSVR.
  • Can you add bots to the multiplayer or in any way play the game single player that isn’t the campaign?

For the one they released on the 360, they had a bundle with a HOTAS configuration. My brother bought that version. So that’s the only time I’ve used a HOTAS setup in a game. I didn’t enjoy it. I’d much rather have access to a keyboard on the left hand. And that joystick on the right hand was designed for hands way bigger than mine, I much prefer the Microsoft Sidewinder line. The one that came with the 360 Ace Combat was more like the Logitech ones where I was always uncomfortable.

So I have no idea if Ace Combat 7 supports HOTAS, but I would assume so.

HOTAS is an option in the controls.

Xbox version… not sure if it the same HOTAS they released with 6 or not. I’ll try to remember to look when I play tonight.

They are also giving 6 away when you buy 7, at least on xbox.

Edit: It is the T.Flight HOTAS One.

Yeah 6 was just added to back compat on Xbox earlier in the week.

That’s why I love Ace Combat. They sure know how to bring a bit of romance to flying, not just dry interface and Tom Clancy techno-babble (although it also has plenty of those). Do other flying games start with a gratuitous picture of the sky and a monologue on its color?

On the other hand, more than half of the enemy planes are just drones now. I guess Ace Combat is keeping up with the times… but that’s just a bit boring, isn’t it? Drones have literally no personality. Where are all the mercenary squads from Zero or those evil Nazis Belkans?

Multiplayer is PvP only, which is a missed opportunity. It should have some PvE missions like Ace Combat Infinity. Otherwise, why would you ever bring an attacker or anti-ship missiles and such? On the other hand, multiplayer matches are quick and give good money for either single or multiplayer items, so it’s a pretty fun mode. Plus, most multiplayer trophies are based on games played and not insane levels of achievement (remember that game with a trophy for being no.1 ranked player in the world?), so it’s a nice way to encourage participation.

So guys, if I was gonna dive into this series, which game should I start with, and in which order should I go?

I’d say probably this one (7), 5 or 0.

You can get a digital version of 5 by buying 7, so you’d have most of your bases covered. Not sure if it was preorder or available for all consoles, though.


Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere (Fan made translation from the japanese, not the butchered western release)

Oh, I’m on PC, but I own a PS2.

Perfect, 5 or 0 then! I like 'em both about the same.

5 has the better campaign in the series, but 0 has a bit more personality, a few more planes and the campaign is a little less long-winded.

Reading this thread I am confused: I never played it either and I always assumed this was a silly series of game mixing After Burner and Robotech… and yet there is talk of HOTAS, romacing the sky… So they aren’t arcade games?

Edit: and the recommandation is for a PS2 game, the only console I have plugged in, so I guess I should just go hunt that one down and see for myself!

Well, I think it’s a pretty good mix of anime, Tom Clancy and tech porn.

But you do carry a hundred air-to-air missiles…

Awesome, so after 0 and 5, just play the rest in order?

To confirm: no VR support on PC right? I’m severely disappointed that the entire game can’t be played in VR. I don’t understand why they would only relegate it to a few missions.

I, uh, sure I guess. You’re really going to play every single game?

I mean, most games are set in their own world, “Strangereal”, (which is totally not a pastiche of our own with a few anime mega war machines added in) and there is some continuity, but it’s not some grand story you need to play every game to really “get”.