Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


Butter-smooth framerates help with motion sickness too-- hitching can induce dry heaves. Try a faster videocard and/or a freesync/g-sync monitor.


So buying a FreeSync monitor when you have a nVidia GPU is stupid right? So I’m stuck paying an extra $200 for pretty much the same technology on every monitor?




And then that’s the week Nvidia announce Freesynch support :)


Hmm. So I have this ultrawide Dell, which my 970 drives ‘ok’. I’m feeling some eyestrain though. Does anyone ever get that from low framerates? Anything else that could be the cause…?

The monitor otherwise does what it says on the tin. I am… not completely sure moving from 19 x 12 to 34 x 14 is worth $750 though. Hmm. I’ve tried a number of games - Enderal, Crysis 3, GTA V, Tomb Raider, the BF 1 Alpha, AC Rogue. They all look good, but they all looked good before :/


I’ve really been enjoying my ROG SWIFT PG348Q. It took me a little while to get used to it, but now the wide resolution is something i really enjoy in games. In fact it has got to the point where i am hugely disappointed to find games that don’t support it. It feels like back when monitors started to switch to wide screen and content didn’t support that yet.

My current ire is directed at overwatch and metal gear solid 5. Both of which embarrassingly present you with black bars on the left and right.

Still, it works great for WoW, Witcher 3, Fallout 4, countless other games. Especially in wow where i can put a bunch of extra ui elements on the sides without blocking the screen. What is this, the year 2014?

I also really like programming on it. I went from 2 24s to this monitor and one 24 and it is a really great improvement.


So I ended up ordering the BenQ GW2765HT instead of the Asus, mainly because of a rather large price difference. I found a reputable online store with much cheaper shipping costs, essentially creating a $200 price difference between the two monitors. Given that there wasn’t much to choose between them in the first place, it was a pretty easy decision! Now the long wait for it to arrive, hopefully in one piece.


Don’t know if this $600 LG deal would appeal to you at all…


If you don’t mind getting a 60hz IPS monitor check out Slickdeals.

Seems like every other day there is an amazing $150-250 price point area deal on a LG or Samsung IPS monitor.

Even the 4K resolution IPS monitors are going for cheap these days.


If you fancy ultrawide but prefer high refresh rates to high resolutions, LG apparently have this 21:9 1080P, 144Hz thing coming out…


So I picked up a 40" 4K TV for my monitor. (

As alluded to above, my plan was to run it at 1080P because I can’t afford a GTX1080. It’s gorgeous at 4k, but looks pretty bad at 1080p. Worse than my 36" 1080P TV I was using before at any rate. That’s with the TV doing the down-scaling. Supposedly I can have my GTX970 do the down-scaling? I don’t see it in the nVidia control panel.

The windows desktop is tiny. The UI zoom fixes it, but causes WoW in full-screen windowed mode to lose its shit.

Trying to figure out what my options here are that don’t involve blowing > $2k on a new computer.


It’s in the ‘adjust desktop size and position’ section, there’s a drop-down in the scaling tab ‘Perform scaling on:’ where you can select display or GPU.


Thanks, that helps a lot, though, it probably still looks a little worse than my 1080p monitor.


Any chance you could do a screenshot of before and after? :)

I am still considering a 4k tv screen also, and was hoping to output 1080p to it. I am a bit sad to hear its not going well for you.


That TV probably isn’t the best choice as a computer monitor. Do your own research of course, but the Wasabi Mango UHD420 is often considered the best value choice. It’s a korean brand. Obviously.

I looked into it before grabbing my Dell 27" 144Hz G-sync monitor. If I wasn’t gaming, I totally would have gone for it.


I’m still waiting for my new BenQ to arrive. The only downside to living in Darwin, apart from the constant threat of being eaten by crocodiles, is that overnight priority shipping tends to take 7-10 days. The usual buyer’s remorse has been kicking in relentlessly since I placed the order, suddenly my old Samsung looks fine. Better than ever in fact. What was I thinking? Hopefully it will be worth the wait!


You’re probaly right, but then, I’ve spent the last three years with a 36" 1080p Vizio I bought off of woot with zero research and it’s been great. I’m sure the hard-core guys would say the latency is too high, but I never saw it after 1000 hours of Skyrim and hundred or so in Overwatch.

Sorry, I’ve spent several minutes screwing with it and I can’t make it look as bad as it was earlier. Which suggests there’s something else going on that I don’t understtand.


I was struggling with WoW. If I enabled Larger Text in windows (because everything is too tiny at 4K), mouse look in WoW would go berserk – but only mouse look. The mouse itself was fine. Blizzard claims their games are not compatible with text enlargement. This is going to become more of a problem as larger displays become more mainstream.

Some videos on the internet suggested enabling compatibility mode on the wow-64.exe would fix it, but that did not work for me. Fortunately, I was able to get it to work by disabling display scaling.

I fired up Deus Ex:HR with the same settings I had before - 1920x1080 Fullscreen Windowed, and I thought it looked… fine. I didn’t think it looked any worse than it did on my 1080p monitor. Started a New Game+ and when I finally got to the Dubai drop-in I still thought it looked fine, including the text in the inventory and menus. Then I cranked it to 4K, and it looked stunningly awesome. My GTX970 was giving my 25fps here. Then I lowered it back to 1080p and, yeah, it looked terrible compared to 4K.

I played some Overwatch at 1080p Fullscreen Windowed and it also looked great, getting 70+ FPS.

WoW might be the outlier. Unlike in Deus Ex and Overwatch, you’re not given a resolution option in Fullscreen Windowed, You have to run at the desktop resolution. To lower the resolution in WoW you have to chose “Windowed”, which means the monitor (or GPU) is doing the down-scaling instead of the game. And it does not look good at 1080p Windowed, not as good as my 1080p monitor. It might also be because WoW has so much text – the chat windows, the action bars, the item levels on every item in your inventory, etc. The blurring is more noticeable.

WoW at 4K gives me 40-60fps (on High). I plan to keep running this for a week and then decide what I’m going to do with the 4K monitor. I also got some eyestrain last night, which is very concerning, as I never get eyestrain.


In other news, Arkham Knight made me immediately nauseous last night, with the 970/Ultrawide combo.


Finally my new BenQ 1440p IPS monitor arrived this afternoon!

I plugged it in, and boy does it look fantastic…

I love how green everything is.

I think I know what the problem is. My DVI-D connector is a single link, whereas the monitor has a DVI-D dual link. You reckon that might be the issue? I think it could be. It also has a Display Port, but I don’t have the right adaptor to plug it in right now. However, I have managed to plug it in using a VGA cable and an adaptor to my 970’s DVI-D output. It looks like shit, but hopefully one of the local stores here has some DVI-D Dual Link cables and I’ll be set.

Actually it also has a HDMI input… but my 970 only has a mini HDMI on the back.

So which is best for driving 1440p? DVI-D Dual Port, HDMI or DisplayPort?