Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


With what the GSynch cost you you could have got the 1080 :)


Yes, but hopefully the monitor will last 10-15 years or even more. I’m never going to want a larger monitor than that for the particular location, nor will I ever have need for a higher resolution than 1440p. unless nVidia drops Gsync at some point, it should provide a premium quality experience for a very long time, long after the 1070/1080 are scrap.


I just ordered the Dell ultrawide. It was back down to $699… now to see how the 970 handles it :)

As I said upthread I think monitors traditionally lasted a long time in part because they didn’t get better over time. To the extent that changes, this might not be a long term purchase. Or it might… who knows?


@Alistair if it arrives before that deal ends please update the thread with your impressions, I’m very much interested in how it holds up


I actually got it from Amazon, where it’s $699 right now and a Discover card gives 5% off…


So far I’ve got it down to a choice between the following:

BenQ GW2765HT


Both of these are 27" 2k IPS monitors, the BenQ is about $100 cheaper for me and definitely looking more favourable right now. Any thoughts on either of these? Am I missing another great monitor of similar price? Everything else I looked at was either dramatically more expensive, or unavailable in Australia.


I don’t think the ASUS PB278Q is actually an IPS monitor, if that matters to you. It has an IPS sister monitor, which is the ASUS PB279Q. Both are very well reviewed though.


It’s technically a Samsung PLS panel, apparently, which from what I’ve read gives a pretty close result to IPS. The PB279Q would be great, but it’s 4k and over twice the price, so sadly a bit out of my reach.


So, let me see if I understand this correctly. You gave me grief for buying a Gsync monitor and a 1070 (instead of a 1080) then spent the exact same amount of money for a monitor with no Gsync and a higher resolution that you intend to run on a 970. Yeah, that makes total sense.


Well, I’m starting with the 970 :)


For those of you who already have one of these fancy G-sync panels, how much shopping around for deals did you do? How often do these things go on sale?


I can’t play a lot of video games because of motion sickness, so would a higher refresh rate and/or resolution and/or ultra widescreen make a difference do you think? I’m currently using a 1920x1080 and 60fps monitor.


I got a Dell S2716DG 27" 144Hz G-sync monitor for $350, so I did pretty well. It’s admittedly a TN panel, but man, TN has come a long way in the past 10 years; viewing angles are pretty great and to my eyes it looks better on still images than my IPS Korean QX2710. Confirmation bias, perhaps, but I’m happy.

It also has extremely slim bezels; looks positively tiny next to my old 27" Korean monitor, even though the screen area is identical.

My next monitor will be a 4K OLED super-wide crazy beast, but the Dell will last me for 2-3 years no problem.


I think this is a personal thing, but I suspect ultra wide might make it worse. I honestly think investing in a video card might be a better choice (depending on what you have now, with the goal of keeping framerate consistently high).


I just recently built a new rig so I’m sporting a GTX970.


I’m always jealous of the deals you get on hardware in the US. The cheapest I can find that in Australia is $1,069, which in US dollars is $800. Nice looking monitor too, but not a chance at that price.

It’s still looking like the BenQ, although my local box store has a Samsung U28D590D 4k monitor for only $100 more. It’s a TN panel too, but reviews suggest that once calibrated it performs well. My 970 probably can’t drive recent games at 4k, but in the future perhaps.


I have one of these and it’s really nice. Color reproduction for photo editing and video work is great. I also use it with an Xbox One in my office. :)


I keep coming back to either this one or the BenQ. I discovered that the ASUS has been discontinued in Australia, and replaced with an R version which uses a slightly different panel that’s either not as good or slightly better depending on which review you read. Seriously, I think if I read another monitor review I’m going to do my nut.

I think I’m just going to flip a coin. Either of them would be just fine. :)


I don’t have it too bad, but I get a little nauseous in some FPSes as well. The things that have worked best for me, none of which have anything to do with ultrawide monitors:

  1. Increase the FOV, usually as far as you can. Most games have ludicrously tight defaults of like 80-90. Try 120.
  2. Kill the fucking headbob if you can. This is the absolute worst. Developers, knock it off! Or at least give us a toggle (thanks Arkane!).
  3. Framerate uber alles. The higher the framerate, the less strain on your eyes.

Probably nothing you didn’t already know, but I’m just waiting for assets to cook anyway ;)


See, that’s part of why I think ultra wide might be a problem. The game engine isn’t going to give you wider FOV because you have an ultra wide monitor, is it? So doesn’t that mean that your FOV/width is going to be worse if you go that route?