Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


My friend has this dell monitor, it’s pretty lit!


That’s awesome!

What do you think is helping with the eye strain? The resolution, the color depth, or the panel frequency?


Something about the white, I think. Which…might be weird? But I spend so much time in Excel or Word that that’s my typical work background, and the white feels…warmer, maybe?


As a counterpoint from the guy who still likes to turn socks inside out because he hates seams:

I just picked up this monitor, and immediately regretted it.

I was hoping to use it with cad and business programs as well as gaming when i’m working from home, but within seconds of turning it on i disliked it. It’s the worst screen in the house (/by far) for gaming, although CAD looks pretty good on it tbh. I’m weird in that i liked smaller screens, and i forget every couple of years, get a big screen, and immediately regret it. Like, i enjoy gaming on a 13" laptop screen, i get the smallest TV possible, ect.


I hear you and you are not alone. I’m still sporting my 21” Dell monitor having moved from a 24” because it’s too big. But ever since I have a new PC, I’m itching to get a bigger one. I’m still lazing about that because the 21” is just so nice.

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Quick question in broad terms. Would practically any display, even cheap ones, be better than my two Dell Ultrasharps 2407WFP and 2408WFP (from 2007 & 2008 respectively)? I’ve been itching to upgrade but these still look fine to me, even if they are pre-LED and the 2407 doesn’t have an HDMI port, let alone any other modern features.

Just looking for a ‘yeah, you really need to dump those’ or a ‘nah, you’re fine until you want to jump to [insert high-end specs here]’ kinda answer. Essentially, if I could go out and get a better display for under $200 CDN, then why would I stick with these until I can afford the much more expensive displays I actually want.


I used a 2405 and 2410(?) ultrasharp for a while so I would say… no.

I still use a 2410 at work and it’s great. At home I got a $700 big curved monitor, and that’s better but only because it’s bigger. I mean the ultrasharps are IPS and pretty good color accuracy.

Caveat, I have no idea about G-sync or all that crap. I don’t care about frame rates. I don’t see a difference between 100 FPS and a consistent 30 FPS.


Yeah, I’m not as sensitive to framerates as some people are, and when I have the money, I do intend on getting a beautiful G-sync, higher res, display that’ll do me another 10 years. I’d just be surprised if that’s the consensus on over 10-year old displays, though. I didn’t think I future-proofed myself that well.


I think you probably did really. The newer monitor features, besides size and screen type, are:

High res -> 4k
High refresh rate
Variable refresh rate

None of them are are a big fat hairy deal IMO. I would wait until HDR is available at a size that works for you, and you’ll get a bunch of other stuff for free at that point, along with fuller HDR implementations.

If you want to spend money on the way stuff looks for the heck of it, go VR :)


Well then, I guess I’ll just keep doing what I do and ignore what I thought would be a bit of an upgrade in favour of spending no money and being satisfied with what I have. I do like the huge jump in features by waiting out the hype on little upgrades, so that’s right up my alley.

Thanks for the nudges in the no-buy direction.

And ugh, VR. Makes me sick just thinking about it.


I’ll just reinforce what the others have said; you’ll be fine. :)
With tech, if you’re comfortable with what you have, your money will be better put to use later, and you’ll have more of it when the time comes.


I’m… less sangry at it now. It doesn’t have the contrast level, color saturation or other things i prefer. But… CAD is much easier to read… and, 2560x1440 does look pretty… easy on the eyes when Total Warring (actual 4k resolution isn’t something the 1060 can push comfortably). So many shiny swords and striped pajamas (i always play Persia for whatever reason. Persia makes me happy.)


IMO 16:10 aspect ratio is a must have if you plan to use your rig on more than gaming. I switched from a Dell U2417H to U2415 due to a fault, aspect ratio from 16:9 to 16:10. The extra screen real estate is so so useful. I can put two documents side by side full size. 16:9 you have to shrink them to fit the aspect ratio, and both are a blurry mess as a result.


I have two U2415s at work side by side. Maddeningly though i can’t read the entire document on it - i can of course zoom in, but on legal sized paper, it can’t be both legible and entirely on the screen. So i still have to print everything out to get that birds-eye-view that’s so essential. (You can turn a monitor sideways, and this works. Except that if the monitor is too big, i have to look up and down, and i can’t see it all at the same time, and i’m still back to printing it out.)

One reason to play with 4k is to hopefully find a solution there. I mean, a 10" ipad is more legible than a 24" monitor because of pixel density / eye distance. Drives me mad i tell you.


I think it is the difference between standard US page size (Letter) vs. most of the other countries standard page size (A4). US letter is fatter. See e.g. how 2 A4 documents fit on U2415:

Yeah sometimes ipad is even better when reading documents. But on 16:9 screen it is worse.


It’s even worse for “Legal” sized paper. In the US Legal paper is 8 1/2" x 14". “Letter” sized paper is 8 1/2" x 11".

In mm, it’s

A4 210mm x 297mm
Letter 216mm x 279mm
Legal 216mm x 356mm

This is what a legal document does.

Runs off the page. To resize it to fit the screen, it looks like this

Super annoying.

Not everything i do involves legal size, but when it does, i have to print it out.


The toolbars certainly are not helping there.


Yea, but even if i turn them off, i need to basically go to full screen (rather than docked to half screen) to make it legible.

It’s all kind of academic when i’m reading it. It’s when i’m writing a legal document that it’s maddening, since i really need to see the whole page at one time to make sure there are no mistakes. Legal (sized) document writing without printing it out is one where you essentially never see the completed page. So to check it, i have to print it out and run over it by hand, and then go back to the computer. It’s like… Don Draper era shit but with an electronic spell checker rather than a secretary.

And it’s all because the resolution of the monitor isn’t good enough. If we had 20k monitors a 25-26" 16:10 monitor would be 1:1 with a legal document and be exactly the same as paper as far as legibility.


Rotate one of your displays and use portrait mode?


It’s why I’d kill for MS to sell Surface monitors. The Surface Studio is amaaaaaazing for documents. It can do 1:1 for Word documents perfectly. 3:2 rocks.