Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


Bah, thought I checked that off.


No worries, it’s a solid, viable option. Thanks!


I actually just bought that Dell 144Hz 1440p gsync monitor on friday. It was cheap on the outlet with a 35% off coupon, came out to be $350 or so. Arrives Monday. It’s TN, but the reviews say it’s a really [I]good[/I] TN… and you can’t beat that price for a gsync monitor.

Got a dual monitor arm stand too, finally doing that.


For a single GPU, single monitor set up, what benefits would I get upgrading from my 1080p (1920x1080) 24" Samsung LCD? It’s been a fine monitor and it was inexpensive enough a few years ago when I got it. Not that I’m interested really in getting a new monitor, I’m just trying to figure out what the incentives are for upgrading. Running a bigger screen/higher resolutions? I can’t imagine a bigger screen in my little computer office, but like TVs I guess once you go big you can’t go back?


Yes, larger screens and higher resolution. You could also get a 4k 24" monitor and double the pixel density, making text razor-sharp.

I got the dual monitor arm today. Man, this thing is sweeeet. Should have switched years ago. It was only like forty bucks, and really easy to setup.


Which one did you get? I’ve been thinking about getting one, but haven’t seen anything that looked decent at that kind of price.


This guy right here. Solid steel construction, so far seems very sturdy. Although obviously, I’ve only used it for like 2 hours.

The stand on my cheapo korean Q-NIX monitor was incredibly crappy, so this is a huge improvement. The new Dell has a nice stand, which I guess I’ll never use. But even then, the desk space you get back is incredible.


Yeah, I got one similar to that last year. My dual 24" monitors from work are mounted on it at the moment.


That monitor arm thingy is way cool. I’ve never used dual monitors; I have enough trouble paying attention to one!


Stusser, you beautiful human, you just solved a problem I’d been long burdened with - my desk has a second shelf level to it, which I love, but I’m running out of road to put more displays (the two 24" displays I have now are each slightly skootched off the edges). However, my desk is not wood (it’s some kind of plastic) and I don’t know if the one you linked would actually mount to this desk safely.

However, I did find this one.

Anyone have any thoughts? Concerns?


It’ll mount to pretty much any desk, it’s just a C-clamp on the end.

Wombat, they sell them with only one arm, too. Although you might as well get the 2-arm model and just not use the second one, it’s not much more expensive.


Thanks Stusser, seems like it might work. It would just extend up past the shelf on my desk, but should mount to the desk itself fine. The video I just watched on how to install it had two clamps and a wider, more secure looking base that clamped to the desk than the images on Amazon - did you get the one like this or the one in the images on Amazon, out of curiosity?


Mine only had one clamp.


Can’t you just drill it out of there?


How well would this work on a very deep desktop? I’d like to get one for my wife, but she uses a large, old accountants desk.


The clamp is extremely adjustable-- I bet it’d go a good 6 inches.


I would love to get a nice mount and free up space… but that seems like a huge no-no on a glass desk.


There was questions about glass desks on the Amazon product Stusser linked, it seemed like it would be okay depending on how fragile your desk was. You could always get some 1x4 pieces of wood to put above and below the desk to clamp to, instead of clamping to the glass directly, for one thing.

But also, I linked this above as well, they have them that don’t mount to the desk but can stand on it:


Once I actually get a new desk (I’m using thirty-year old “computer” tables now) I may well do that.


I have a glass desk, it’s fine.