Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


Seems like even that will be replaced by 5K OLED HD jabbertyfluff soon enough…


High refresh and g-sync will change your life!

But I guess if you don’t know what you’re missing, then 60 will be fine. Personally I wouldn’t go back to 60 now that I’ve tasted the glorious smoothness. :)


Okay so then is high refresh and g-sync on a flat 27" screen better than 60 Hz and no G-Sync on a curved 34"?


I don’t know that one is necessarily better than the other - which would you prefer? A wider screen, or smoother experience?

I chose the latter, but naturally enough I would love both!


It’s tough to say what you would enjoy/prefer when you have no frame of reference Only ever had a 1080p/60Hz panel and never even seen an ultrawide. I will say I pretty much only use my PC for gaming, no video editing, no photoshopping, no real multitasking.


If your GPU can absolutely lock the framerate at 60fps on that 3440x1440 panel, it will look and feel better. Otherwise, g-sync is the way to go.


I went with a PG348Q.

Went up to 100 refresh rate no problem. Panel looks fine except slight backlight bleed on top left.

The difference between 1080p and 1440p does seem pretty obvious. Doom and Witcher 3 look great, work on the super wide screen and run great.

This weekend i’ll be taking advantage of my new found graphics to setup my WoW UI.


If you could only have one of either the widescreen/extra horizontal resolution, or the g-sync/high refresh, which would you choose?


Gsync/high refresh without any doubt.

I don’t; want to go back to 1080p, but i also dont want to go back to 60 fps. Widescreen is a cool addon to me and not an essential. I’m glad i got it, but if i had to choose…


Where do I start if I want a 27 inch, LED / IPS monitor at 1440p with decent image quality that won’t break the bank? There are some beautiful monitors up-thread, but all well outside my budget. Bear in mind I’ve been using a 22.5 inch Samsung 223BW 1650x1080 monitor for the past… um… many years, and frankly any step up would be a good thing. However, given that I hang onto decent monitors for years, I’m probably better skipping 1080p, right, and going up to 1440p? I’m using a 970 GPU so it should be able to handle itself at that resolution except for really demanding stuff.

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to lower price points, everything seems to be a trade-off, but I’m willing to sacrifice “features” over image quality.


@krayzkrok take a look at Toms Hardware’s buying guide. They are are reliable testing source and their guide gives a wide range of recommendations based on budget. There are a few other sites if you google “best gaming monitor” but I’m not as sure of their trustworthiness.

If you’re on a budget and you don’t need the fanciest features you can get a really solid TN panel for much cheaper than IPS. I know IPS is what you’re looking for but if you’re only using it for gaming/non-professional workloads the advantages of IPS over TN start to seem less important.


The Microsoft Store here has those 34" Dells on display with games running on them. Nice… I think it’s win-win really, whichever set of enhancements you end up with.

I also think the reason we think of monitors as long term purchases is because for the last 20 years they’ve barely improved. They went from CRT to flat screen and from 640 x 480 to 1080p. WHy would you upgrade more than every 8 years? But now there are high and variable refresh rates, widescreens and 4k, with OLED and ‘HD’ coming along. I think if they build better stuff, we’ll all cheerfully buy it often enough.


… and I’m just getting in to Enderal and thinking this would look pretty great in Widescreen…


I certainly kept my Dell 3007 for many years (9?) before going with the Dell 34" last summer. I wish it had Gsync support because I gave that a try with a 28" TN 4k panel and really liked it (and it’s freakin’ hard to describe to people, at least for me). These threads make me want to upgrade again, but getting 1440p with Gsync is expensive (got the Dell 34" for $800).


This is what I’m talking about right here. Up until a few days ago I thought $600 on a monitor was laughably expensive, now I"m looking at $800 28" panels and (gulp) $1200 ultrawides and having to reevaluate my priorities. My 2016 Samsung 55" UHD panel only cost me $500 for crying out loud, how does a monitor less than half that size cost twice as much! Where is the massive drop in price vs size/quality in PC monitors that we’ve seen in TV screens?


[quote=“Murbella, post:147, topic:75674, full:true”]
I went with a PG348Q.

Went up to 100 refresh rate no problem. Panel looks fine except slight backlight bleed on top left.

The difference between 1080p and 1440p does seem pretty obvious. Doom and Witcher 3 look great, work on the super wide screen and run great. [/quote]

Welcome to the club! My monitor has that top left backlight bleed too, but it’s not noticeable in use. I’m still experimenting with calibration, so let me know if you find something you particularly like. Here’s a resource for you:


Looked up an FPS test on the 1070 on a 1440p and a 4k ultra wide and it looks like the 1070 struggles to get near 60 fps on the 4K ultra wide like @Desslock’s (and you’re running a new Titan right?). So I think that means stick to something like the Asus or Acer 28" 1440p panels which the 1070 handles easily.


Thanks @agapepilot I’ll take a look. I do a fair amount of photo and video work (stock footage, stock images) so I’d prefer an IPS display, but I certainly can’t justify the cost of the best ones. If I can get decent calibration from a monitor with a fairly good all-round display, I’d be happy. That’s probably more important than refresh rate to be honest, although obviously higher is better. I’m just not really interested in things like G-Sync, curved screens, connectivity, etc. This is one reason I don’t want to see them in action. ;) I’m preparing the wallet for a slightly higher hit than I’d prefer, but as long as it lasts a while that’s worthwhile.


If you do photo or video work, don’t get a curved monitor-- it distorts the display and is not suitable.


Late to the thread, but that’s what I was thinking reading your earlier posts. I have a 1070 and the Acer 27 Gsync and very happy with that combo. I’d be concerned that the 1080 would be the better choice for going to a higher resolution than that.