Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - Coming to Steam soon!

Jump to around 40 minutes.

Soooooo going to get this!

Oh yes…YES…

Hah, that’s an… interesting reveal. For those watching the stream, the reveal is in the last 45 seconds or so.

I had no interest in AoE 2 HD. I have tremendous interest in Age of Mythology if converted to HD and extended.

Hell, even though AoE 3 was in 3D, it’s so crusty by today’s standards I’d buy my 3rd copy of that game if they gave it the HD treatment.

Age of Mythology is one of the very few RTS’s that even I could play and enjoy, looking forward to this release.

Greece will rule the world yet again.

One of my favorite RTSs ever and in my opinion easily the best of the Age of Empires series. Great news!

I was hoping this would happen, one of the best RTS’s ever! I loved the campaign as well.

I was just going to ask whether Age of Mythology was available through digital channels a day or two back - pretty sure it isn’t. But I guess all I need to do is wait!

I will buy this, even though I know I have no time to finish it again.

Nice find T-frog!

I love this game.

Streaming on Twitch right now! Waaaant!

May 2014 release date.

♦ Age of Mythology + The Titans Expansion
♦ Pre-Purchase on Steam Early April
♦ Improved Water and Lighting
♦ Full Steamworks Integration
♦ Twitch TV Integration
♦ Enhanced Observer Mode
♦ Support for Win 7/8 and HD Monitors

I like. I like.

This is the only RTS that ever really grabbed me. I can’t wait for this.

Sold. So, so sold.

This, next to Rise of Nations, still holds the crown as my favorite RTS of all time. So, so good. Will be purchasing as soon as I can.

I had no interest in AoE2 HD, but this will get a purchase from me for sure.

Rise of Nations next, please!

What’s great is that this seems like a disinterested Microsoft allowing a couple of dedicated heroes do the work for them. Yet now Age2 is one of the top 20 games concurrently played on Steam.

I wish I loved this game as much as it deserves. The design is great, but the sound effects are tinny and the controls mushy. I found ti very unpleasant to play. :(

Whhaaa!? It’s the only Downtempo RTS ever made.