Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios


Here’s a shortened 30 minute version they put up on YouTube. I haven’t watched the original 1 1/2 hour version on Twitch, but this version, you can see they jump around a bit, I assume they jump to what they view as the most important key points:

As far as the portraits everyone mentioned up thread, I agreed with the criticism on the screenshot (and having played AOW3 recently, I think Triumph does something weird with their character’s eyes that make them look creepy. However, I thought the close up on the leader they choose in the stream looked just fine.


Must have been the sunglasses.


Wow, I’m officially excited. A lot to digest in that first look. I wasn’t expecting just a reskinned, sci-fi AOW, but I was expecting something more mechanically familiar. This feels quite different to me (in mostly good ways) than fantasy AOW. The tactical combat, in particular, has such a different feel and so much more complexity. My one worry from this glimpse might be the relative power / effectiveness of the various units and powers (I like how he slipped and called them spells at one point) in combat. Some units / powers seemed pretty underwhelming – like why bother? Others (that big creature in the group they fought) were terrifying. Those imbalances shouldn’t matter if the game is tuned correctly, but I could see it getting either frustrating (or monotonous) if the devs get it wrong. I trust Triumph, so I’m optimistic, but I am wondering about that.


I feel we didn’t get anything like a close look at the units in action, or spells (operations!)

The stream was intended to display the game to a bunch of new people, judging by the twitch comments (one guy was asking if there were tactical battles…😄) so I am holding off judgement on balance etc for a long time!


Very interested in this, feels like they used AoW3 as the base game with scifi flare, added tech tree from Civ, added more in-depth tactical from the new XCOMs, and the overland sectors from Endless Legends. Nothing wrong with this combo!


17 minute Dev Q&A posted this morning. This might have been taken from the recent gameplay reveal, but I haven’t watched that whole thing yet so I don’t know.

I haven’t seen the whole thing yet, so I can’t summarize the questions or answers.


More news:

Paradox are starting to ramp up the marketing it seems.

And another dev diary.



aaaaghghghgh playable or gtfo i can’t take it scott


Well a faction spotlight a month with 4 factions left to go…I’m betting beta starts this autumn and game is released in spring.

Although not too close to imperator.


Hated the narration but other than that looks pretty sharp! Still not completely sold on a SciFi setting, but hey, I can perfectly understand the need to change things up every once in a while! :-)


Everyone I’ve spoken to dislikes the narration.


Ooh looks really nice but yeah the narrator sounds like she’s in a conference room dissecting the latest IRS tax code.


Odd, I have seen the sentiment a few places now that the narrator in that trailer isn’t very popular, but I never gave her a thought and listening a second time, seems totally fine to me. Gamers, I guess.


I’ve refrained from criticism because I can’t quite put my finger on what I don’t like, and I don’t want to pass on critiques to Triumph/Paradox (I suspect the latter do all the marketing now) composed of:

I don’t like her voice.


I am so unbelievably excited about the creators of the AOW series making a new tbs game that I have had myself on blackout for this. Does anyone know a vague timetable as to its release date?


2019 is all we know, for sure. My guess is Q2 or Q3-2019, just given the pace of the faction reveals and comments made on the diary, I don’t think they even hit beta state yet.


Narration sounds fine to me.


I know why y’all didn’t care for the narration:

It came across very flat, emotionally, in all the worst ways of someone reading off a script while artificially slowing down their speech because that’s what they teach you on public speaking 101.

That said, this sort of thing is tough and people who are good at it cost money to hire. So eh.


I’d do it for free!