Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios


Part 2, Covert Ops!–-dev-diary-23-operations-part-ii-covert-ops-doctrines-prototypes.1140520/


I was only able to skim it, but it sounds like a good system. Like just about any strategy player, I’m leery of anything that smells of espionage, but this seems better than the way most games implement in where they are blowing up buildings and other annoying shit constantly.

Focusing instead on fabricating claims, damaging diplomatic reputation, sensor jamming, etc sounds more interesting and less annoying to me. The devil’s always in the details so we’ll see what it’s like to actually play, but this sounds pretty good for an espionage type system.



Read all about it!

Basically - road-map of sorts for 2019.


Awesome stuff as always. Many of those topics I am very excited for.


It’s what I used when teaming with Tom during the AOW3 playthrough on the site.


I may need to fire this game up, again. Just so, so good.


I’m currently working my way through a large 2v2v2v2 map as a less-than-optimal Tigran Juggernaut and it’s still SO GOOD OMG.

Musketeers are still amazing. Not as insanely OP as they were pre-nerf, but still a hard counter to so many things.


These guys seem fun. :)


I was really hoping for the sentence to end thusly:

Network Controller: Next to the aforementioned Network ability it has a cool “Contact Tech Support” action, which …

advises the player to restart their computer.


That would have been awesome!!


Today’s diary went live this morning and it’s all about the diplomatic victory condition!


Today’s diary mostly shows off the art and process behind coming up with the cover for the game. It looks great, and has some fun details for the fan base to squee over.


Looks like it is all coming together.


I never, ever buy a single player game at full retail on launch day…but for some crazy reason, this game may force me to break that rule

The strategy layer has its hooks in me


More dev diaries coming through. I think Amazons next week.


I’ve not been paying close enough attention, is there at this point a rough ETA on release date?


Waiting for Scotts player guides to start appearing… :)


Nah, just guesswork. It’s slated for 2019, and with the media which has been appearing, I’d guess Q2 or Q3 (I’d actually say Q1 or Q2, but I don’t want to disappoint myself, lol).


I had the impression it was the first half of '19

Can’t have a conflict with paradox’s other game Imperator: Rome

Gonna depend and which one leaves the gate first…you don’t want a flood of strategy games hitting all at once


Paradox doesn’t seem to be too concerned about releasing new games close together, they launched HOI4 and Stellaris a month apart.