Sorry the red eyes and moaning threw me off.


OK. So they are going after weapons that can bend the minds of millions, bombs that make nuclear weapons look like ten cent firecrackers, biological agents that are set to infect the water supply of a nation - and they try to make a little remote control helicopter with a gun attached a world-threatening menace worth risking the team’s life over? It was the hokiest thing I’ve seen on a TV drama in a long time. That chopper would have fit a lot better in an old Batman TV show.


Well, you can’t be saving the world every day.

— Alan


LOL! :)

I do hope the whole Rimbaldi Sci-Fi thing is put to bed now, although I have a suspicion that we’re going to find some remnant that hints at an even greater/more evil discovery. “It turns out Rimbaldi had a follower, Hitlari, who was jealous of his master and thus set out to eclipse his work…”


I just wanna know what year in the future he came from because you know thats gonna come up.


Unless your name is Jack Bauer.


I have been watching Alias these past few weeks (yay thread bumpage!), just got to season 5 (so obviously I like the show even with the serious suspension of disbelief it often requires).

Sydney’s czech is absolutely hilarious though. When she says (in czech) “Do you think you should go inside?” to her new colleague, he asks “what was that?” and she responds with “that was czech, stupid” (the “stupid” implied by her expression) I burst out laughing.

And later her scene in that restaurant. So cute.

Not a fan of Vaughn being made dead in the first episode though (although with this show, who knows if he is dead for good).


Rimbaldi. Series dead, thread over.


Rimbaldi was the best part of the series.

Paul just wait til you get to the finale, Jack Bristow is the ultimate badass.


Jack Bristow was always the ultimate badass. He just never got to properly showcase it as often as he should have.


I am a bit conflicted about the finale. I suppose it could have been much worse cough Lost cough but I did not really like the stuff with some stolen warheads or whatever and some shiny red ball being the ultimate Horizon of Evil ™ or whatever and Sloane being undead zombie or whatever…

I liked the epilogue and the “thank you for 5 incredible years” message, that should be there at the end of every show :-).

Jack was a bad ass though, that’s for sure. He was my favourite character, with his neverending seriousness.

The Rambaldi stuff just seems silly in retrospect though.

Oh and almost forgot. Glad to see Sark survive. He was by far my favourite character, even more than Jack. And I hated that actor in Heroes. Dunno why he was so much fun to watch here, in comparison.


I think everyone loved Sark. He was well-written and acted the part perfectly.


Yeah, he was and he did. And he stayed well written till the end…unlike, say, Irina, who was quite interesting character, but in the end turned out to be 2D super “I WANT MORE POWAAA” villain. Sigh.


I love having an excuse to necro these threads!

I’ve been loving Tennant’s interviews, hope he keeps on doing this for a good long time. Does a great job of making it sound like you’re just overhearing a couple of friends shooting the breeze.

This week, Jennifer Garner. Of course they talk about Alias, thus the thread necro, but there’s lots of other things. I’d never done any looking into her history, so all the stuff about her background was news to me. And I hope someone picks up on the idea of a Scrooge McDuck convention. :)