'Alien' TV series coming to FX

It’s been a bit of a poorly kept rumor for some time, but we’re starting to get more officially recognition that an ‘Alien’ TV series is ramping up. The Deadline article mentions Noah Hawley as executive producer and director, with Ridley Scott possibly taking an executive producer role as well.

‘Alien’ Series In The Works At FX With Noah Hawley; Ridley Scott In Advance Talks – Deadline

Word to the wise, invest in milk stocks right now.

I can’t even imagine what exactly the plot will be–a near re-imagining ala Fargo, a move back into the original universe, or… something else.

Noah Hawley on board gives me a ton of hope, though.

— Alan

Noah Hawley is great, he gives me hope for the project. +1 like to Alan_Dunkin. Fargo is both incredibly different, yet feels very familiar to the source, basically what a fan of any property would want! Hopefully he can bring that to an Alien show.

Hawley can be great, but I don’t love it when he gets weird, and I’d prefer that they keep Ridley Scott as far away as possible.


I kind of like Hawley when he gets weird. One of the reasons why I liked Fargo S2&3 more than S4.

Maybe it’s about the aliens invading Earth and taking control of an entire country. An alien nation, if you will.

I understood that reference

I’m ready to get hurt again.

I would totally watch a buddy cop show with a hard-nosed LA detective and his uptight xenomorph partner.

I’m confused, three people are talking about the show with the spotted heads, racism, and sour milk intoxication and the others are talking about the aliens with the mecha-wearing Ripley.

Why not both?

Cuz alien nation’s for the rich and I’m feeling poorer everyday.

New info about Hawley’s series and the themes it will explore.

This just in: Ridley Scott is an asshole.

The irony of Ridley Scott, who has chosen to make two terrible Alien prequels of his own free will, shitting on Alien sequels is… intense. Especially since they are among the worst entries in the franchise IMO.

I mean he didn’t exactly shit on the idea. The whole article is built around one sentence Scott actually said: “It’ll never be as good as the first one.” I’m no huge fan of Ridley Scott (and I actually think Aliens is a better film than Alien) but that’s not a particularly controversial statement. That said, Hawley is probably my favorite showrunner so I have high hopes and expectations.

There’s just no reason to be cryptic about it. Say “I can’t wait to watch!” or “That sounds interesting.” Instead he has to say something that people will obviously take as shitting on it.

In the same interview he even pointed out that having the xenomorph creature at the center of the story isn’t necessarily what audiences want, using the example that his prequel Prometheus, which didn’t center on xenomorphs (though one does appear), massively outgrossed Alien: Covenant, which did.

Gosh, I wonder why that is…