All good demons go to Nintendo: Diablo on switch


Andddddd I’m addicted to this game again.

The ability to effortlessly play this game on Switch while on my morning and evening commute is incredible. The ability to play offline specifically, so I don’t need to rely on tethering to my phone or spotty wifi just to play. And the instant suspend / resume behavior on Switch works perfectly too.

I remember being so eager to play Diablo 3 on the go that I tried playing it on my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet + bluetooth mouse on my lap while on the bus, five years ago. That technically worked, but it was kind of miserable, especially since the game required a persistent online connection.

Five years later, and Nintendo made it “just work”. Damn I love my Switch.


Ok. I just want to be sure as other versions of Diablo have been always online. If fact I think it was D3 where consumers finally fully and utterly lost that battle. It is only relevant to me in this case as I don’t plan to get the Nintendo online pass, but am strongly considering D3 Switch flexibility.

@LMN8R Yes. I love my Switch too, and I’ve been saying that since launch. Best darn console in quite a long time. And yes, I have a PS4 and use it daily. I just really dig the flexibility of Switch plus all the Indy pickups on it. Great system.


Sure, it’s only 960p docked. But afer playing on all platforms I think this is now the definitive version. Pretty cool. :)


I played it docked for a little bit yesterday on my 4K 55" TV and honestly couldn’t tell it was just 960p. Sure it wasn’t crisp, but it’s Diablo, and Diablo doesn’t exactly need the highest resolution IMO.


What I really want is Diablo on mobile. Someone should get on that.


Wow, had a crazy productive commute. Finally managed to upgrade a rare flail to Golden Flense for my seasonal Crusader, and the very next rift dropped a Denial to go with it, meaning my build is basically complete, other than enchantments and ancients. Also dropped an ancient Stone of Jordan for my follower and a Compass Rose to complete my Endless Walk set. Pretty much all I need now is another Unity.


I’m only around level 18 with my Wizard but I’m finding that I’m having a similar problem as I so often do with this game - what is with so many of the skills being utterly useless? Or am I just using them wrong?

For example, Magic Missile is so ungodly powerful at my current state that I can’t imagine not using it. Yet so many other skills I’ve tried seem to be so ineffective that I can’t imagine ever using them going forward.



I picked this up last Friday and it was the first time I had played console D3, having avoided the PS4 version. Definitely wish they would port the console controls to the PC. In some ways its worse, but in most ways its better. The inventory management is a big part of this, it just keeps the game flow moving better, which I found surprising.

The single best thing about the game though is the offline play with the ability to pause. No way would I have been able to play as much as I did this weekend traveling without that feature.

It did make me wish for D3 on an iPad though (assuming 3rd party controllers), the screen on the switch is so small it’s just barely usable for me. I lament all that wasted space on the interface when comparing items.

I started with a witch doctor, and the seasonal set you get is not my favorite playstyle, the abilities have just enough cooldown time to be annoying, but it’s certainly powerful enough. I am already demolishing T13 and I still need a piece or two to complete the build, nevermind getting everything optimized.


Yeah, I find the inventory management vastly superior on the consoles. It’s the only ARPG that organizes everything for you. All the pants you pick up get their own bucket of only pants. All the Chest pieces get put in the same chest bucket. All Axes get their own bucket. It can seem overwhelming at first, because the first thing you see isn’t an inventory but all these different categories. But once you get used to the categories, it makes sorting through inventory so much faster.

You pick some new things, and the buckets with something new in them are highlighted with a star. You quickly get used to going to them, and evaluating the new pickups. Keep it or is it junk? Press the Junk button, keep it, junk, junk, junk. Done. Keep adventuring after that.

When you get to town, there’s the “Sell all junk” button or the “breakdown all junk” at the blacksmith. It’s so much faster than messing with tetris inventory systems on the PC.


I bounced off of this a few times, both on PC and PS4. I mean… I did defeat Diablo on PC years ago. However, the Switch is a freaking perfect match for this game. I’m loving it!


Huh. I really miss the inventory management from PC. I found that much more convenient and informational. I do agree on the bucket analogy, though. Is there a way of getting info if something is an upgrade if you disregard gems? I think PC also had a mass salvage button.


Yeah, you hold the SHIFT key. On console, you can’t do it.

PC version has mass salvage by rarity, white, green, blue.


Yeah, this is one of the things I really miss.


Now that I’ve played the game for a while on Switch, I’m definitely coming around to the UI.

But I’ve just started noticing a couple of bugs with the * the shows up next to categories of things I haven’t reviewed yet.

For example, if I get a ton of new equipment and some new skills unlocked, sometimes the *'s disappear before I review them, because I looked through all of my equipment first. Or if I look through all of the skills first, sometimes the *'s disappear on all of my new equipment.

Minor inconvenience, and hopefully a bug they can fix, but a little annoying in the meantime.


My one (minor) annoyance with the system is that if I junk a new item in the inventory, it doesn’t remove it from ‘fast equip’. I have to go in there and junk it again.

Also fast equip could have an ‘identify’ for legendaries.


Yeah that too. I wonder if these bugs are carry-overs from the other console versions or if there’s a chance they might be fixed?


It’s the same in the PS4 version.


I’ve said this about the Switch for other games, but the sleep mode button is game changing for Diablo. It’s great being able to play any amount of time as life allows. I am no longer pushed into finishing up a bounty or an act in a single session. I can kill even just one group of mobs then pick right back up later that day or next week. It is really nice.

Added to that are the usual niceties of the console version plus Switch flexibility that combine to have me declaring the Switch version the definitive version. I suppose I could load it side by side to my PC version if I wanted to see the cut corners, but playing it, it looks and feels just like it did before.

The only possible drawback is that Nintendo really lacks in the online department. So if the goal is to play with buddies and microphones across the internet, this won’t cut it. In all other respects, it’s superior to other versions. IMO.


I’m having a good time with it so far playing the Season. Past level 20 and my Necromancer is bloody pyrotechnics.

Yeah, the sleep mode and the responsive UI makes short stints easy and it’s great for D3.


Someone please come uninstall this from my Switch.