All-purpose gun legislation thread


They got their feelings hurt?

I like this line from the article:

We all know that gun control is based mainly on magical thinking.


I’d rather kids bring magic wands to school than guns.


Well things never seem to be dull these days. We don’t even need movies anymore. You can’t make shit up better than stuff like this.


That’s what sucks about this country. From the horrendous things that happen in families, to the awful stuff going on in government, I wish it was all boring because people were stable, cared about their fellow man/woman/t, and were considerate to infinity. And sciencey.


22 injured in New Jersey shooting.

Police identified the suspect as Tahaij Wells, 33, who is believed to have been killed by police, prosecutor Angelo Onofri said. Wells had just been released from prison on homicide-related charges, Onofri said. Officials have also charged Amir Armstrong, 23, on weapons offenses.
“It absolutely could have been worse given the confined space and the number of shots that appear to have been fired,” Onofri said.

The shooting appears to be the result of a gang dispute, he said. It is not related to terrorism.

Prior to the shooting, Onofri said there were “numerous altercations” inside and outside the festival. Police had been trying to shut the festival down.


This is why you absolutely cannot trust self defense claims when there are no eye witnesses:


And she was found not guilty. But probably because they stupidly charged her with first-degree murder. Even I can see that she didn’t pre-meditate killing him. It actually looked like she was holding down the trigger when she pulled the slide.

Dumb charge.


I didn’t understand that either. My first thought was oh my god they found her not guilty with that video and then I saw first degree… what?


I wonder if there is more info than we have been told here. Like a history of grievance between the two or something. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they’d charge with first-degree murder given that video.


Even if there was, it sounds like a fight broke out. I am not a legal expert, but if there’s an altercation right before someone pulls a gun, it seems like it can’t possibly be pre-meditated murder. It’d have to be some really crafty set-up to pretend to fight someone just so it can look good on a video when you shoot them. I’m thinking she is not a criminal genius… just a guess.


Yeah, super strange. But jpinard’s point is valid no matter what. The woman said she shot in self defense, when she put herself in that position.

But I think we’ll see this more and more. For example, “he was reaching for my gun” will become more prevalent, as it seems to be a catch-all excuse by cops that works wonders.


Supplemented by the obvious complementary defense of “He’s coming right for us!”


Yeah I don’t believe that’s self-defense either but it seems like you can use that for just about anything these days. She brought the gun to the party and now anyone might be endangering her because they could get her gun.


An alternate theory is that the prosecution deliberately over-charged 1st degree to protect the bond agent and forcing non-guilty verdict.


This was my immediate take as well. Knowing how people in the corrections system are all chummy, this is an all too plausible answer.


Eh, I dunno about that. When she shoots him, she doesn’t look like she’s pulling the slide, based on where her left hand is.


I can already hear the comments by my family, “It’s already illegal for felons to own guns, so more gun control laws aren’t the answer. Take our guns and criminals will be the only ones left with them. Derp de do.”

After seizing the 432 weapons at the suspect’s house, a second warrant was served at the home of a woman connected to Fernandez, where 30 illegal firearms were seized, according to the sheriff’s department. Officials said the woman was not home when the warrant was served and is still unaccounted for, though she could face charges in the future as well.

A day later, law enforcement officials further searched Fernandez’s home and found 91 more weapons hidden at the residence.



So the NRA will be releasing a statement offering support to Jason’s family while condemning the irresponsible use of force against a person who was legally carrying, right?

(Also, this is an odd sentence from that article):

Two of Washington’s colleagues and at least one witness say Washington, 45, was black.


Just a damn shame there’s nothing Congress can do about the problem. Thoughts and prayers!