All-purpose gun legislation thread


Their tips in an easier-to-read format:

Every gun owner should know the NRA’s fundamental safety rules so they can avoid being tackled or disarmed in the middle of their deadly spree:

  • Stretch before mass shootings to avoid pulling a hamstring or twisting an ankle
  • Guns should always be loaded
  • (Guns should be) held with a finger on the trigger
  • (Guns should be) pointed in the direction of anyone trying to stop a shooter
  • Make sure you familiarize yourself with the venue’s entrances and exits, chaining them shut if possible.
  • Identify restrooms or stairwells where you can barricade yourself and reload
  • Reemerge to make your final stand against law enforcement


There is literally no idea so stupid that these people will reject it in favor of simply implementing any form of gun control.

New plan: send dogs to attack the gunmen.


Pfah, those dogs don’t even have frickin’ lasers.


That is brilliant - it is a little known fact dogs are impervious to bullets.



So… train the dogs to attack kids since that’s the most likely gunman?

Nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan.


You’d think that at least video gamers would be smart enough to know that dogs are the toughest enemy ever created.


Obviously the simplest solution is to force all students K-12 to wear mandatory kevlar bodysuits at all times. Plus it’ll create jobs in the kevlar industry. Win/win!


Guns save lives. Well, just one, which stopped a bullet in its holster.


All patients should be issued firearms when they are admitted to the hospital.

Come on, this is just common sense, people.

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a bunch of invalids with guns.



Not to make light of the tragedy that occurred,

But, about that gun that stopped a bullet.

I think that we should cover all of our children in guns, so that when a gunman tries to attack a school, they will be protected by the guns.


I’m sure all the legislators with high NRA ratings are already sending thoughts and prayers.



Well, they’ve probably killed the NRA with their conspiracy, so no reason not to buck the NRA now!


Every time I read “good guy with a gun” arguments for school shootings, I think of things like this:

That’s the military, folks. Trained military already on notice because of a planned drill and you still get chaos like this.

Reliable, armed response from non-emergency personnel is a pipedream. Emergencies, even minor ones, are chaotic. So much arm-chair quarterbacking from the folks who think that having a large number of guns in non-professional hands is the right response in an emergency, even if you set aside the non-trivial risk of having all those guns around in non-emergency situations (e.g., accidental discharges).


Or the multiple incidents recently where there was a ‘good guy with a gun’ present, and said person was then… summarially killed when police arrived.


Yeah this comes to my mind now too. And really there is no real discouragement for police to actually really know who are or is the bad guys before they just blow someone away.


Not really sure about that, it’s just not what you want to say out loud. Not a lot of white good guys with guns being killed. I’m pretty sure most cops assume any black guy with a gun is the bad guy.


True… I guess what I am getting at is all they have to say is I thought, I was under pressure… and that’s it. That’s all the need. Unless they kill an unarmed kid I don’t know that it will ever amount to anything and that just seems wrong.