All righty, here's a stumper

Southwest Airlines’ 2-letter airline code is “WN.”

Now, I know why it isn’t “SW” – because that was already taken.

What I don’t know, and apparently no one seems to know, is why “WN” specifically was chosen instead.

What does it stand for?

Those are the initials of the founder of Southwest, William Nagle.

Google says “SW was taken, so someone came up with an alternate on the opposide side of the compass.”

Who knows.

Uh, the opposite corner would be NE. :P

That’s what I get for not paying attention and taking something on google for grated. I earn no points and my god have mercy on my soul.

That’s almost as bad as believing robsam’s explanation. :)

It stands for “Why the fuck are you burning brain cells on this? Oh right, it’s Rimbotown, and do you believe me now, Sonny?”

Google says this - might not be true, but funny.

It also says the other two theories (the compass thing, which is shut down just as quickly there, and the initials thing), but I like that story.

I saw that. But it doesn’t answer the question… other than to suggest why no one knows the answer. ;)

It stands for “Why not?”

That’s a popular rumor. Also has been suggested that it stands for Willie Nelson, which I rather like. :)

Question. I may be drunk, but this place lists it as NW, not WN…

Mistake #1. Trusting information from someone who writes “opposide.”

Yeah, you’re drunk. It lists it as WN.

WN comes from Southwest’s original advertising slogan, “Southwest: Why not?”

This is like how no one at Microsoft knows what NT (of Windows NT) stands for.

If you remove the letters WN from “Southwest Airlines”, you get “Southest Airlies”. Obviously this is code meaning that of all that is dishonest in the air, this airline is the most southerly.

We’re through the looking glass here, people. ;)

I’m both disturbed and amused that no one here believes I was right. It really isn’t that hard to find out if you search a bit. Mr. Nagle is notoriously secretive, but he isn’t THAT hard to find on the internet.

NW is for Northworst, er Northwest.

I vote for robsom’s idea.

What? It’s not even a story. The guy basically just says “blah blah blah my friend is awesome, they didn’t know what to say, so somebody put down WN and nobody knows who or why.”