All Things Star Trek - The General (Chang) Thread

So we don’t have a general, catch-all Star Trek thread, while we do have threads for the individual shows, so @Cormac mentioned it, and I thought we should make one. Let’s start with this:

Apologies for the thread title, I couldn’t help it. ;)

Very well, let’s cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war. Or to put it another way, let’s take account of current Trek related projects as they exist at the moment.

As the linked article mentions, there are quite a few irons in the fire at right now. Strange New Worlds is wrapping up filming on season 3, and Discovery is about to air its fifth and final season. A new movie made for streaming about Section 31 has also wrapped up filming, though it doesn’t have a release date yet. A new series about Starfleet Academy will begin production this summer. A new movie with the Kelvin-verse cast and crew has been in the works for years now, and has just brought on a new writer (I kind of tracked the evolution of this movie over in this thread. No, Tarantino is no longer involved, if he ever was.)

The article doesn’t have a lot to say about the two animated series, Lower Decks and Prodigy, though Lower Decks is working on its fifth season and Prodigy’s second season is actually already available to watch in France (it’s complicated). Still no info as to whether the rumored Legacy series will come about, building on where season 3 of Picard left off. Have I missed anything?

Don’t think so. It’s an amazing time to be a Star Trek fan.

I’m really glad that the franchise was given time to gestate for a while since it was in such a creative rut (mostly) with Voyager and Enterprise.

I remember reading an interview with Berman in which he was really hoping the writer’s strike would last a long time and delay production on Enterprise so that they would get more time to come up with some new ideas, build newer kinds of sets instead of just re-doing Voyager designs. Unfortunately there was no delay, no long writer’s strike.

After Trek was not around for a long time, I think the new people have done well with the new shows overall. Picard Season 1 and 2 ended up being kind of a dumpster fire, but other than that, it’s been pretty great.

I just hope we get another Resurgence-style video game.

Oh right? I hope it does well on Steam when it drops, enough to support a sequel. Would love to spend more time with that crew.

I just realized that the gap between Enterprise’s last episode and Discovery’s first episode was about 12 years, and that felt much longer to me at the time since I lived through it, but looking up the other big gap, between the last episode of TOS and Star Trek The Motion Picture was only 10 years 1969-1979, and was shorter if you count Star Trek The Animated Series in 1973-74.

I always thought of that as the longer gap, I guess because the gap between the late 60s and late 70s feels more profound in real life than the gap between 2005 and 2017.

Bear in mind that there was other Trek happening in the gap between Enterprise and Discovery, like J.J. Abrams’s movies. I think the gap between TOS and the movies felt pretty barren because all there was to watch was syndicated reruns.

Pertaining to Trek video games, I know I’ve mentioned this elsewhere so bear with me if I’m beating a dead horse, but - a real Trek experience in video game form is my white whale, what I’ve been looking for all my life. When I say a Trek experience, I’m thinking of a game that lets me captain a ship and basically go on one of those five year journeys we hear so much about. Just explore an open galaxy, find adventures and explore and meet other species, other Federation captains, other enemies and allies. I think the game that have come closest are those games that I hold closest in my heart, things like the Starflight games, the Star Control games, the Mass Effects feel like they got the closest. Those games definitely get the exploration factor which feels key to me, but they prioritize combat a little more highly than I feel like a Trek game should. Even Resurgence, which is a great Telltale-like (if that’s a thing) has a ton of combat, as if they feel they just have to have it. The 25th Anniversary point and click game was fun for its episodic content, like you’re playing another season of Trek, and I kind of like that feel, like you’re stepping into the crews’ shoes and living their lives.

I’m guessing such a thing might not even be possible, probably because I would imagine its audience would be fairly limited for what it would likely cost. A guy can dream, anyway.

Yeah, sadly the closest thing to what you want is still the two Starflight games, even decades later.

The text adventures are pretty fun though.

I’d love a well funded, well done Star Trek Bridge Commander.

Bridge Crew was kinda close to that, alas.

I could’ve done without the combat in that one, too. Or at least not as much.

…I really need to replay that again sometime.

The ship-to-ship combat is not great. I think of it as the tax I have to pay to get to the good stuff.

I wonder if there’s a mod or cheat or something to bypass it. I’d love to play those games on my Steam Deck (assuming they’re compatible at all), but I think the combat would be an exercise in frustration with those controls.

Judgment Rites and Unity are two others I need to replay. I never did finish Unity, actually.

Unity is worth finishing once. Decent story. Not the best, not the worst.

Ah, I see, you guys are talking about the TNG game.

I never got the impression at the time that it got a good reception like 25th Anniversary did, so I never had it in my mental queue.

Yeah it’s not as good as 25th Anniversary or Judgement Rites but it’s in no way bad either.

Sweden joins NATO. Do you recognize the music being played right in the beginning?

That’s awesome! I love that particular piece.