“Alternative” Food

What goes here? Bugs, plant based meat, lab grown meat, and anything else whose aim is to fix environmental issues and help feed billions of people. I wanted to make this thread today because I just found out someone is actually making lab grown salmon and I couldn’t be happier. Sign me up.

Nifty. It would be nice to get some outside judges to evaluate how close their claim of “tastes virtually indistinguishable from salmon caught in the ocean” is.

I mean if I had the opportunity to taste test it at a non outrageous cost, I would.

I want so very much for their claims to be true. I’ve also seen enough astroturfing and media blanketing of the lab meat news space by that company lately that I think they’re just looking for more venture capital dollars. If those little white lines in the fish are actually fats then they have solved a huge problem for the industry, from my very limited understanding.

That being said you could also say what I said about media overreach for funding at various times about Beyond and Impossible, and those ended up being fantastic products.

If there is a meat without murder option available in my lifetime, I will absolutely go to bat for it 100% and stop eating factory farmed meat in a nanosecond.

I’m glad this topic exists, and welcome our grasshopper gruel future. And enjoy a good Beyond burger occasionally, too.

I totally support lab grown meat, if they can get the taste right. It also opens up the possibility of more exotic meat choices. I have heard that antelope and gazelle are truly amazing, but you would never be able to get any unless you go hunt one yourself.

Every 17 years, we’ll be able to substitute in cicada gruel. Yum!

Mmmm, long pork.

Very appropriate timing on this thread, because as we all know, Joe Biden is going to take your meat.

Huh, nifty! I don’t see why it wouldn’t taste the same as wild salmon within reason, a cell is a cell. I’d imagine it’s like the perfect average of wild caught, I guess supertasters could be getting some terroir from environmental factors, but this will suit me just fine.

Second question, though, is what’s the carbon footprint to make it? Hopefully we can figure this out efficiency-wise on the order of a modern coal plant. Still burning rocks, but doing so at an extremely efficient level.

Ooo, I’ve always wondered this. Thanks!

My guess is they’re painted on but I could be wrong. I think the scaffolding is providing the base for both the fat and muscle cells to grow in a mix together. In the end it wouldn’t matter if they had the fats in striations or a mix. It’s all the same to the taste buds in the end.

Not necessarily, there could be a difference in texture.

Yeah, texture absolutely has an impact on taste, even if it is perhaps a bit psychosomatic.

The right taste, but the wrong texture, can be a real turn off. Its one of the reasons I hate red delicious apples, the texture is terrible compared to other apple species. I mean the taste isn’t great either, but the texture is the worst.

That’s so weird. I never noticed apples have different textures.

Bite into an over ripe Red ‘Delicious’ and you will quickly learn otherwise. Mealy, mushy, grainy, and unpleasant.

They’re dreadful.

I’m just here to bash Red Delicious apples.

Preach it brother!