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Not sure, actually.

I don’t. I prefer to not be the main tank, but even if I am, someone else can do that. And in the the Dungeons I’ve done, we don’t typically do much anyway.

I started out using great axe, but got an epic hammer drop and became a hammer boy. Hammer is so much fun to use and brings so much utility that I can’t see going back to axe.

There is a gem you can socket in your gear that taunts enemies. Carnelian I think.

Correct. They can also be put into armor to DECREASE threat generation

Didn’t know that.

Every gem has two different functions: one for weapons, one for armor

So I’m going to put this out there. The server transfers are available now. There is a pretty good-sized group on Falias US East of Wanderers if you are looking to have more people to play with and pick a server on the US East and feel like changing. Our color is green, so if you don’t like green, that might also be a factor.

Server transfers can’t change server regions, so if you went with another region like US West this isn’t an option and someone else said, it’s lame.

If there’s space on the server, I probably will transfer. I have no group or friends on my current East server, so there’s no reason not to.

I’m a casual weirdo, but I have yet to run the first quest dungeon, so that might be amusing to have non-randos to potentially do so.

“Father, the sleeper has awakened”

We just need to not go back to sleep now…

Muad’Dib … Muad’Dib

Ah, the life of a field commander. I guess Great Axe/Great Hammer Isn’t good damage. :)

Tomorrow is Restless Shores. There is blood in the water and the Green sharks are very, very hungry after a month of starving.

Feels good to finally have some land again.

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Not having played, I don’t understand any of the past few comments in this thread, lol. It’s all very mysterious. But I did watch some of the vidoe @zenblack linked. So that’s realm-vs-realm combat? Looks fun.

Marauders (green) didn’t control a single zone for quite a while, but we’re reclaiming some of them now.

The Wanderers of Falias are gathering at 7:30 EST tonight to get the required influence to be able to declare on Monarch’s Bluff. The last remaining gold generating territory is not currently declared and left on the map. We were bugged out of a war in Restless Shore last night under very mysterious circumstances. We were the only server that was down and it was 1:00 til the start of the war.

sexy time

I’m surprised and disappointed how quickly I got bored of this game. Steam says I have 37 hours. In that time I got to level 20-something and got decent levels in a lot of tradeskills. It will take a lot to get me to 60 and I just don’t have the enthusiasm for it. PvP would probably help but I’m never selected for a war, and I’m not doing open world PvP until level 60 due to gank squads. Oh well, I’ll probably feel the urge again in a few months.

Not to change your mind or anything but the declarer of the war gets to choose who joins. So if your company marches to the drums of war, you could potentially get in a lot of fights. Also, the WPVP is a bit different. It kind of centers around the forts and the bonuses they give. So you don’t go solo, unless you want to, but you switch to PVP once you found a crew to run around killing the enemy.