Amazon's New World MMO

Far as I can tell server transfers are not up yet? I go to the page where you should get your token and there’s nothing there. I was kinda thinking about switching over one character to Falias to join the Wanderers (I’d have to ditch my existing faction but w/e).

I believe they disabled them after the gold duplication bug was discovered…

Heh. Didn’t hear about that, but not surprising. I think it is a requirement by law that all MMOs have at least one gold dupe bug.

I’m very much in the same point; 67 hours level 32. I went back to playing some old single player games. It is rather daunting to have to grind out to level 60, because the levels are getting slower and slower. Also I’m not making any money, since I seem to be spending a lot on repair. The group I’m with is pretty small 2 hardcore players and 1/2 dozen casuals like myself. So I can’t imagine how will get involved in a war or anything.

I don’t find the combat all that interesting, and while the crafting system is excellent, the fact that I can’t make anything for myself better or cheaper than I can buy it is disappointing.

I think boring combat mechanics was one of the hardest obstacles for me. The tradeskill grinding was fun for maybe the first hour then it was just trying to find different types of nodes, rinse and repeat, with precious little to show for it. All my gear are drops and there’s no reward in sight. Suggesting that players grind out hundreds of hours in the possible hope of something good at the end game is odd.

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Me and my buddy have already backed off as well and moved over to Conan Exiles with a gportal private server and some custom mods to smooth a low player count experience for PvE. To be fair, we were both more interested in PvE, but New World was beginning to grind, not helped by the general repetitiveness of the content. Made it to level 37 I think.

There is something there for sure, but maybe it needs more time in the oven for a bunch if the systems to be further tuned. All of my gear was from drops or auction house - I could not craft anything near that GS and it was unsatisfying that the path of progression seemed to be just craft low level mats into slightly higher level mats and/or craft a whole bunch of shit you just salvage because it’s garbage or you are way over-levelled for. Not sure how that is considered an ‘excellent’ crafting system. Money was in short supply - I dodged a bullet by not bothering to buy a house and entertain the burdensome tax system - storage management was getting tiring, running the same identical PvP quests ad-nauseum was not appealing and the PvE factions missions were only mildly less repetetive. Maybe if I was more engaged with the PvP system…

Storage (lack of) and crafting not being useful until L60 are my two biggest complaints as well. The lack of storage is just such a chore if you’re looking to craft. I’m always burning up resources to get some crafting skill as well as free up inventory space, but I’m also always short of something, at least at that particular location. Or I need a higher tier crafting station of some sort but that town lacks it, so gotta hoof it somewhere else, refine, haul it back, etc.

I don’t know, sometimes I feel like I spend the majority of my evening just shuffling things around from town to town trying to free up some more inventory space rather than adventuring or playing the game. :)

I just started playing this tonight. I’m level 5 and still in the newbie area. I always play a healer/magic user in these types of games I’m a little perturbed that the game has shoe-horned me into using a sword + shield/bow. Am I losing anything by levelling up these weapon types instead of focusing on my preferred weapons? (I assume a healing staff of some sort). Also, at what level can I expect to gain a healing weapon type?

Not at all. You will find a life staff soon enough.

I can now carry around over 1100 pounds of stuff, lol. Hit 55 today. Having a blast.

Yeah. It’s a very solid base game, and I did genuinely enjoy myself until the repetition got to me. But Rift remains my benchmark for an engaging MMO experience; it’s the only game that didn’t bore me once before I hit the level cap. New World isn’t even close to Rift yet, but it might get there in time.

Regarding crafting; I’ve made all my own gathering tools so far (flint, iron, and starmetal) and some of my weapons and armor. Sometimes you have to sub in a better quality mat to get a higher gear score. I have a little over 100 hours in so far and finding the game quite fun. Inventory management can be challenging at times, but that’s what houses with chests are for. :) Certainly the best looking MMO I’ve seen in years. I’m confident they’ll get the bugs sorted out and add new content over time. Could be my all time favorite MMO in the long run.

I’ve put a few more hours into this now (and finally got a life staff). The graphics are lovely, it looks very pretty. The game engine itself is decent, runs well and the UI is very polished. It’s a solid technical achievement. I am not a fan of the game design though.

This feels like a game without any clear vision, like it was designed by committee. I understand that the idea is crafting/player economy but I’m not a huge fan of crafting in MMOs. It’s mainly just busywork to me which means I just feel “meh” about a large chunk of the game. I dislike that by following the main quest I’m being forced into decisions I don’t necessarily want to make. e.g. sword + shield, skinning, weaponcrafting, choosing a faction etc. I want to be a wizard character, why then am I skinning animals and smashing boulders.

Still, the world has been relatively fun to explore so far. I’ll give it a few more hours and see if it clicks with me.

It does have a bit of an identity issue because it was originally a purely PVP game. To their credit they listened to the feedback they were getting in their alpha tests and built out PVE aspects to the game, but it’s definitely left the design in a weird place at times.

It feels like a game that really wants to be sort of EVE-like with territory control, crafting, economy, etc. but the current design contradicts a ton of that. Tons of gear drops from mobs which invalidates crafting for most of the game. Gear is permanent and never breaks so there’s not really much of an economy. Arcana has been a total joke because the game showers you with potions. However, to craft a single Powerful Regen Potion I need to get a rare T4 find that only comes from Life flowers, which aren’t really things you can focus and farm. Even if I were to manage to get one, that’s only enough to craft ONE consumable potion. I’ve had some town board quests for those potions for weeks where all I’ve been doing is gathering and wasn’t able to find a single one of those rare mats in that time. Then the other day, I ran out to clear some Faction missions and ended up with 3-4 potions as mob drops. So much for a crafting-based economy.

Ahh that makes things clearer - thanks.
I keep walking around thinking, man… they made a really nice world here. It’s a real shame they went and filled it with boring crafting and shitty PvP :)

Giving you a sword to start isn’t making a decision for you. You can ditch it within a few minutes, typically. You are complaining about tutorial stuff, basically. It is a crafting-heavy game in terms of opportunity, but there’s virtually nothing you MUST do. It’s already a very complex game, if they didn’t show you some of that stuff, it would be completely bewildering (like if they didn’t show you how to make your first set of tools).

@KevinC you should consider getting some harvesting gear (with luck) and harvesting luck food. There are ways to shift the balance in your favor. But it is certainly true that some things in the economy are screwy like that.

One thing I do like about it is the relative freedom you have to define your character. You can use any of the weapons, and choose how deep down each rabbit hole you want to go. You can wear whatever types of armor you want, and mix and match. You don’t necessarily have to craft at all, though there are things that will be more annoying if you don’t do at least a little crafting. You can dabble in all the crafting, or focus on one, as you are not locked out of any areas by choosing something else.

I also find it enjoyable to pick and choose what sorts of quests I do and when, for the most part. The story line stuff is there of course and you’ll have to eventually go through that if you keep playing, but there is a lot of other stuff to do along the way. Combat is reasonably engaging, for the most part, and exploration is generally solid if not spectacular (like the graphics, really).

It’s flaw as others have noted is it lacks a clear sense of what it wants to be. Personally, I prefer games to focus on one core experience, rather than a bunch, as usually the former yields better execution and often a better experience. The trade off is that if you don’t like the focus, you’re pretty much 100% left out. Like a lot of games, New World is trying to be all things to all people, and they actually don’t do a terrible job of it. Part of me wishes though that they had stuck to their guns and delivered the pure PvP experience they seem to have intended. Dunno if I would have played it for long, but it would at least have had more soul.

For myself I would have never played that game. Except in very very rare circumstances (EVE) they just don’t work. And that’s what AGS was finding in their alphas, from the sound of it.

If they had stuck to their guns, it wouldn’t have been nearly as popular as it is, but I contend that it would have been a better game. (I probably wouldn’t be playing it either.)

Oh, yeah, commercial viability is not the same as conceptional coherence of course. I would never recommend a company cut their own throat,

It’s probably not commercially viable, and is hard to do, but I’m just musing about concepts and focus. No quibble with their decision from a technical and commercial POV.