American Truck Simulator


What is your setup like that it allows this? Just curious. Two TVs? Computer close to couch?


Heh, no. I use a Surface Pro on the couch, and use Steam home streaming when needed.

Is it less than ideal, control wise? Certainly. But I mostly don’t play games that suffer too much from this. The only negative to ETS is my gamepad is on the desktop, so m&k is the only choice. It is… serviceable. But I also haven’t played it in a long time either.


I just told you :)


Oh, duh. That makes total sense. I forgot that laptops existed for a few minutes there.


A fairly awesome change is coming to both Euro Truck and American Truck Simulator in the future with the addition of trailer ownership. More details in the SCS blog.


Yeah, I was reading about that in the forums the other day. I just hope they give some real love to the economy side of it and it isn’t all about the customisation. They claim they will, but 90% of that post is about the customisation.


I wonder how realistic it will be. Large companies use their own trailers, as currently depicted, so the new shipments should have different pickup and delivery points from the ones in the sims now. They’d also need to simulate loading and unloading somehow.

EDIT: And they’d need to create an equipment pool, assuming the other drivers can use the trailers too.


Footage from the beta:


This is my favorite escape and chill game series. I pull out my wheel, put on my VR headset, pick a Classic Rock station on the radio (preferably a local one) and just drive for hours. I don’t play it very often but it works as a kind of meditation for me.


The open beta is now live for ATS, and as well as bringing the trailer ownership changes SCS have also added three new roads to the map and done a bunch of other tweaks and changes.


If you play the beam does the campaign part carry over to the official release?


Typically your progress carries across from official to beta and the other way around fairly hassle-free. Since this has entered public beta sooner than usual there is a higher than usual chance that something may come up that leads to some corruption of data, but you can backup your profile so you have all pre-beta progress still intact.

Or you can create a new secondary profile if you just want to check out the changes quickly.


I just got this yesterday from the Fanatical deal. Did a drive from LA to Fresno. Damn if they didn’t nail the look driving through that part of CA like a thousand percent.


New Mexico was released in November 2017, so I estimate we’ll have a full US map shortly after the inundation of Miami.


Hey if hurricane season trends continue that may not be such a long wait.


I gather that the Oregon DLC is mainly supposed to be about logging roads or something, right? No driving up the Oregon Coast on Highway 101, or with a bigger rig, north to Portland on I-5.


From an old SCS blog post:


Ooh, ends in Astoria? Will it have One-Eyed Willy’s treasure?


That is welcome news. I’d only seen a story on the logging road stuff on RPS and thought that was it.


Hey Astoria, I was just there.

Hopefully they have a way you can drive out onto Sunset Beach. That’d be a fun addition.