American Truck Simulator and its older sibling, European Truck Simulator

It’s coming!

We don’t want to release even the initial version of the game (which frankly will only be a “slice” of the future big whole-continent 100+ cities vision of the complete game) with unlicensed vehicles. We have been through the trouble with ETS2, and it complicates things just too much. We want to set the bar high and push for maximum fidelity, and proper branding when vehicles are introduced into the game is very important to have our game taken seriously.

More at the link:

There are no trucks in any of the screenshots. What a rip off. How can we be sure that’s even America?

Plus that screenshot of San Francisco looks worse than the city did in Driver: San Francisco. I’m out!

I know it’s a simulation and there are certainly people out there who care that the trucks are based on real trucks, but dear God I really truly couldn’t care one whit about the trucks. I think I could enjoy these games just as much if there was only one truck in the whole game. So which audience is more numerous? The simulationists or us casual tourist-drivers?

Believe me, rivet-counting truck nerds are a real thing.

Unless there’s a hot key for taking white crosses, I’m not intrerested.

If someone is that into realistic trucking - why not just get a job and do the real thing?

If someone is that into realistic trucking - why not just get a job and do the real thing

Judging from the ETS2 forums, a lot of them do.

hey, cool! Although, Europe is much, much more dense than NA. I wonder if they’ll abstract the distance even more, or if there really will be hours and hours of flat cornfields and unbroken forest.

I will NOT buy this unless the game features plenty of cars with drivers texting and drinking coffee while driving 63 MPH in the fast lane. This is key to the American driving experience.

Almost an hour of alpha gameplay.

Because I must have killed like a dozen people on my first drive and then took a good 10 minutes attempting to back into the dock before giving up.

“If someone is that into realistic warfare - why not just join the marines and do the real thing?”

That’s kind of an odd thing to ask a bunch of gamers.

What happened to jpinard? No posts for several weeks.

Watched the beginning of the video above, just wanting to see what it looked like, and found myself inexplicably hooked. Not sure what it was, but I was fascinated at just watching him taking the cargo from one location to another. And, as someone who has tried and failed to be able to back a simple small U-Haul trailer into my driveway, I was holding my breath as he maneuvered the truck backing into cramped areas.

What do people who play this use as their controllers? Are they buying the Truck equivalent of a HOTAS? I don’t know if I’d be wanting to do all the shifting!

Mouse and keyboard works just fine. However, I like to swtich to my Xbox controller and go to the external view when I’m trying to line up a trailer at the destination.


I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 mostly with my XBox controller. Not sure whether I’ll spring for an American version of the game, but knowing me, I’ll cave. I just like seeing how games like this model the real world. My favorite thing about The Crew is just driving around, seeing the sights.

Tom, I would not have anticipated you to be a truck simulator fan! I may have to take a look at this when it comes out if my Alienware laptop will handle it. After trying unsuccessfully numerous times to back a U-Haul up into our driveway last time we moved, I found my heart racing watching the guy in the video backing into his spot, LOL! I watch the guys backing their trucks up into our docks at work and am amazed at how simple they make it look.

Given their form with ETS, within 18 months they’ll be giving it away for £2 or in bundles, so I think I’ll stick with ETS for a bit, and grab this when it’s cheapo.

So how much do E-beam lasers cost for the trucks capable of hauling 8 tons? Are the shield costs really expensive? And I will need at least a 9 LY jump capability so I can do Pilot/Flying J BBS missions.