Andor - September 21st - Disney Plus

I assume he’s Whitta’s creation, and man, I am so ready for his story.

Yes, I will watch this program with my eyes.

I’m getting Minority Report vibes on this, and I am all for that.

Seems to have a good mix of paranoia, grit, and spy stuff.

I do think I will watch this for sure.

I’m looking forward to the show, but this trailer did nothing for me. It just seemed very dull.

This is a really pretty and well cut trailer for a show about a character I didn’t get invested in when he was in a really pretty movie.

I’ll watch it, I’m glad it looks cool and isn’t on a desert planet.

My main hope is that the longer format will enable them to actually put some characterization and depth into him (and a supporting cast, presumably). Having a grittier morally grey espionage story in Star Wars would also be cool but considering how Book of Boba Fett did basically zero grit or moral greyness in a show about a fucking bounty hunter trying to become a crime lord, I don’t know that I trust Disney to do that. Or the characterization, tbh.

I’m sorry, but it needs to be August 31st RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

Sweet! I can’t wait for this. I’m already a big fan!


I’m curious if the guys in the blue uniforms are Corporate Sector Authority folks. That’s like an extended universe callback to the old Brian Daley Han Solo novels.

— Alan

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Trailer looks great, but I’m with @malkav11. From what I’ve seen so far, Disney isn’t doing morally grey stuff on D+, so my hopes are tempered.

Great trailer. I think this will be the best Star Wars series, so far (no that the bar is very high right now…).

Is this the sequel to Oslo, August 31? Have to say I didn’t expect them to go in this direction.

Andor is actually the first in the Boolean Trilogy, to be followed by Neithernor in 2024 and Ifthen in 2025.


P.S. This joke was stolen from a friend of mine who is far smarter than me. If you enjoyed it, please be mindful that you should be laughing at the humor of K.J. Ackerman and not T.W. Chick. If you didn’t enjoy it, blame my delivery because it was hilarious when he said it!

Why isn’t that guy blue, and where are his antennae?

Just FYI, but there’s a mild spoiler out there coming from LEGO of all places.

They opened pre-orders for an Andor set that depicts a never-before-seen vehicle.

Heads up if you’re sensitive about that sort of thing.

Finally filling in an important gap.

That’s an encouraging trailer. Apparently they didn’t use the StageCraft/Volume for this one, and it shows. Feels much less claustrophobic.

I think this trailer looks AMAZING! So many awesome looking shows upcoming - its almost too much!