Android Games Thread

If you were buying from amazon, it could be Kindle fire only?

Apparently, it’s an Intel-specific issue, based on a quick Googling of “Asus Transformer Kingdom Rush” and reviews talking about how the Intel chip flags it as incompatible with a lot of popular apps/software.

There’s another big Amazon Appstore set of free apps including 80 Days and Sorcery 2, both of which are supposed to be pretty good.

Days of Wonder put Ticket to Ride on sale on Google Play again for $2.99. It’s also discounted at Steam if you’re more interested in the PC version.

It’s not a game, but Sleep As Android is a ton of fun and in this sale; it’s one of those apps that can track your movements and snoring during sleep to help you calculate hours/minutes of REM, percentage of time spent snoring, etc. It can also record talking in your sleep automatically, provide reminders of when to go to bed to catch up on sleep debt, and even time its alarm to try to wake you up from a stage of sleep that won’t make you feel quite so groggy when you do come up. I think (but am not sure) that it also has a few built in “sleep noises” (e.g., rain, fans, etc.). Best of all, it keeps track of all your data and provide’s a nerd’s dream-worth of charts, reports, and the like for you to examine for months afterward.

I bought a bq recently, is a nice machine. Of the games the Secret Elders Of The Internet have recommended to me is Terra Battle. Is a interesting game, so I refwd the recomendation.

I played Terra Battle for 3 months straight and finally uninstalled it last month. The grind wall for each character after level 30 is incredibly high. Also, I thought that finally getting SS rank characters should be fun, but they take like 50% more XP to level up, and not all SS chars are even any good.

Downloaded Assassin’s Creed Pirates for my Galaxy S Tab 10.5. All of the cut scene characters are upside down. WTF?

I just discovered Wayward Souls and my god it might be the best Android game I’ve ever played. Tight controls, random levels, different characters, challenging combat. Loooooving it.

What is this Wayward Souls? I would hear more of it.

Looks roguelike to me.

I have a suggestion. The best one of these games I’ve played, as in most geneous and actually fun rather than a grind, is called divine gate. Its made by gung HO of puzzles and dragons and only available in Japan. It has almost every menu in English though, and is really easy to navigate. You can evolve your characters Pretty much just through normal creatures, and they give you a lot of free currency. Plus, they have a ticket system for the leveling materials so you can always go to them whenever you want instead of certain days. It’s the best one I’ve played by far. If you like anime, even better, since they have very frequent anime collaborations where you can go through dungeons of those animes and unlock characters. some gameplay. It looks confusing but is easy to understand once you start.

To download you need to have qooapp, so just search for the apk. It’s pretty easy.

Thanks Kyle700, I’ll check out Divine Gate soon. I’ve glommed onto another f2p called Destiny of Spirits, which is exclusive to Vita (!!!). I just started a week ago, and it seems more generous right now, although it could be that I’ve not progressed far enough yet. I’m also a sucker for historical mythological beings…

My daughter is big into all the anime stuff, so Divine Gate sounded like just the thing. I’m thinking I should have watched the youtube video before I dove into it. Found qooapp easy enough, and managed to find Divine Gate, but now when loading the game I can’t even get past the privacy notice screen. My Japanese skills are non-existant, and looking at the youtube video after the fact says that I may have no hope were I able to actually get in game :)

Wikia is your friend.

EDIT: Hang on. You can’t get that main screen yet. Any chance you can take a screenshot of the opening page? I don’t have the app loaded so I can’t see it.

EDIT 2: Maybe Wikia is still your friend?

EDIT 3: Giant english discussion & help thread, for future reference.

None of those links is exactly what I’m seeing (I’m getting a browser loading up with a privacy notifcation page), but I installed it myself directly from qooapp, and wikia seems to have alternate ways to install which may get around my issue. Thanks for pointing it out, I should be able to get it working from there.

Just a PSA that the free amazon coins from the GTA:SA promotion last year should be going up in flames soon (they expire after a year, I believe.)

I haven’t had the chance to get very far in Sorcery 3, but if 2 is anything to go by it’ll be worth the money. I grabbed KOTOR for 2.99 even though I probably won’t play it. Anything other recommendations for Amazon Appstore?

Kind of a shame since I don’t know exactly how Amazon handles their Android coins. I’ve probably spent the GTA:SA promo’s total in coins, but I’ve picked up more coins in the interim. Not sure if each addition of coins has its own expiration date or if each time you add coins it pushes it back. May try to use them up just to be on the safe side.

In any case, got $13 worth left and not sure what I wanna burn it on. Sorcery 3’s a good suggestion though, I’ll probably snap that up unless I find some expensive thing I couldn’t get otherwise.

I’ll point out that Sorcery 1 and 2, as well as 80 Days by the same developer, have all shown up in Humble Mobile bundles, so it’s a good bet that 3 will as well at some point.

I wound up blowing most of my credit on apps for the kids (Monkey Preschool series, various interactive books).

Yep, that’s the only reason I haven’t already snapped up Sorcery 3. They’ve all been free at various points on Amazon, too.

I got Sorcery 1 free from App of the Day, and 2 from HB. I figured Inkle deserved full price for 3 (especially since it’s not my money.)