Android Games Thread

I enjoyed Through the Ages more than the others by far.

80 Days is probably the one that will last you less than the others (although it’s got replay value, with a “but”), but it’s a rare mobile game that transported me into a whole other world.

Choose your own adventure:
A) I love narrative so very much!

  • 80 Days

B) I love lighthearted farming games like Harvest Moon!

  • Stardew Valley

C) I love board games!!

  • Through the Ages

D) I don’t want to choose, give me two of em!

  • Google play subscription thing

Wow, did not realize this was on mobile! Thanks!

As for my own suggestion:

It’s a traditional party-based RPG with “tactics”-style combat. I have played a few hours. The controls work well enough. However, so far there have mostly been trash mobs. Hopefully it gets better.

FYI, bunch of stuff on sale for Thanksgiving:

Anyone tried these things?

I really hate gaming on a smartphone due to lack of buttons.

My workaround is much simpler than this horror: I avoid any game with on screen controls.

Same here. There are too many good games designed around touch input to waste time with bad imitations of console gaming.

Some items on sale have gotten some love here on PC, so what are the Android versions like?

  • Cultist Simulator ($1.99)
  • Terraria ($2.49)
  • Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition ($0.99)
  • This Is the Police ($1.59)

PS: Had $1 credit, so boughted Cultist Simulator and Don’t Starve: Pocket, to try

Terraria isn’t bad, and I believe is included with the Play Pass sub thing, but it just never felt quite right to me on the phone. Although perhaps it should be noted that I was never as in love with it on PC as some others, either, but I’ve given it some hours.

Anyone have recommendations for a virtual pet or dog grooming game that has no ads or IAPs? I’m willing to pay up front, but even though there are 1,000,000,000 virtual pet games in the Play Store, they’re all crappy ad supported F2P games.

It would be neat if I could exclude games with ads from Play Store searches.

How about recommendations for good turn based games? I was looking for RPGs the other day, and they were mostly all ARPGs. I have no idea how you can do an ARPG on a cell phone with a touch screen. Then a huge number of mmos. How can you have an mmo game on a cell phone?

Its like super rare to find an engaging cell phone game, they almost do not exist at all. I did pick up through the ages which was fun, but I got bored of that eventually. Maybe I should stick to the basics like solitaire or majong.

Star Traders Frontiers / Templar Battleforce
The Quest
Banner Saga
Battle Chasers Nightwar
Baldurs gate series / Neverwinter nights
Final Fantasy series / Dragon Quest series / Chaos Rings
Demons Rise

Warhammer Quest 1 and 2

I can’t imagine you’re looking for something not covered by one of ^^ those suggestions, but Space Marines ain’t bad, either.

The XCOM games work really well on mobile though.

Thanks, Ill check some of these games out.
I do have The Quest game though. I never got far on it, after the initial dungeon and a few side quests, I do not know what to do in that game. I think I come to a bridge with an orc guard who will kick my ass.

I have two installed on my phone. One is more or less an idle game with nice graphics, that is also an unintentional parody/pastiche of MMOGs. The level of stuff that goes on with very little input from the player is… more complex than it has to be.

The other one is a seamless extension of a PC MMORPG. Any progress carries over between platforms, as it’s the same universe. The game is much easier to control on PC. That stated, I can’t count the number of times I’ve been at a curbside somewhere, waiting on appointment, or simply in bed and gone ‘I think I’ll check on so and so’. There are quite a number of compelling use-cases.

Some of those are ARPGs. Unciv is not an RPG. Others are meant for tablets not phones. Very short list.

What game?

That whole “meant for tablets, not phones” thing puzzles me. I’ve got a Pixel 2 XL, admittedly, but I haven’t found anything that just doesn’t work on it that needs a tablet. I mean I suppose that’s very much a “YMMV” kinda thing, but I’ve played Baldur’s Gate and Tropico and Stardew Valley just fine, as well as a lot of “traditional” mobile games.

Unless you guys just have really small screens, I feel like that divide between “phone game” and “tablet game” is almost gone.