Android tablets: why the hell are they shipping with Android 4.x still?

Just had to go buy a Samsung 7" E Lite tablet for someone and was horrified that they ship with the Samsung skin based on Android 4.x still.

Are Amazon Fire tablets this outdated with their FireOS?

Since there’s no Nexus 7 equivalent “from/by Google” these days, is there a generic tablet that’s up to date that’s not an iPad?

Oh wait, there’s this overpriced beast:

Because android tablets have been a flop and google haven’t done much to fix or customize the tablet form factor in ages,

Still all the rage this Christmas by parents who want a device to babysit their children but don’t/can’t spend the amount required for an iPad.

I bought an Asus Zenpad ($160, 10") for my father and no complaints. It’s only BGN wifi thought. I see more expensive models which I assume will have AC wifi.

what android version is it running?

My pair of new 2017 Amazon Fire HD 10 run Fire OS 5.6 , based off of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.


The latest-greatest from Samsung is generally relatively up to date, but also approaches iPad-levels of cost for an almost objectively worse device.

My kids have asus zenpads and both run the latest version of android, cost was £100 each both a perfect for them.

You guys really ought to love your family enough to get them real iPads. Hell the $329 iPad is arguably the best bang for the buck of any product Apple has ever released. For real.

No, my mother got an ipad because she’s fruity. My father got a zen because I am actually willing to go help him fix his shit when he has issues.

The fault lies with Google and their total neglect of keeping Android up to par for tablets. I would like to get something to replace my 2nd gen Nexus 7, but have been sticking with the phone for the past year.

I don’t love my kids enough to spend $700 on 2 ipads that they drop, crack, wipe their bogies on and mainly treat like shit to just stream youtube and play f2p games on. Pointless exercise.

Exactly why I went with the $100 Fire 10 tablet, if I break it in a year, who cares? Its at a price point where its disposable.

How much is your monthly income, with the Discourse business?

Surely better than most people here, lol.

I recently came into one, and put the Android 7 version of Resurrection ROM on it. It gave the thing a new lease on life.

This might all start changing soon.

In the second half of 2018, Play will require that new apps and app updates target a recent Android API level. This will be required for new apps in August 2018, and for updates to existing apps in November 2018. This is to ensure apps are built on the latest APIs optimized for security and performance.
In August 2019, Play will require that new apps and app updates with native libraries provide 64-bit versions in addition to their 32-bit versions.
Additionally, in early 2018, Play will start adding a small amount of security metadata on top of each APK to further verify app authenticity. You do not need to take any action for this change.

I was going to recommend the Xiaomi Mi Pad, but it looks like they don’t use Android any more. A shame, I liked their machines.

Sort of, I’d argue the $329 iPad will be a usable, functional device for far longer than a cheesed out cheapo bottom of the barrel Android tablet.

Replying late, but you know what? You are right. When I spoke, I really didn’t process the price you were talking about. $329 is indeed a good bang-for-buck for a 9.7" iPad.
Pity is translates to $494 in Europe, with the taxes.