Android - what's in your pocket?


Moto G7 looks interesting. It has a headphone jack.

I was going to suggest Nokia, but the flagship phone doesn’t have a Headphone Jack, so that’s out, but I think I could afford $300.00 on the Moto G7 for myself.


I’m still on a Moto G5+, which has served me well. But you’re saying that Nokia upcoming mid-range models have lost the headphone jack? Ugh. I was thinking about going with Nokia for my next phone because they’re so much quicker with security and OS updates.
I really like having 4 GB of RAM in my current phone BTW, and I’m going to look for that in my next one.


Doesn’t look like it.


But that’s not a mid-range phone, surely. I thought I read very recently about another Nokia phone (perhaps introduced last year) that still had the headphone jack.


No, you are correct, that is a cheap high end phone.

That website should have all the Nokia phones on it and has a section dedicated to 3.5 ports though.

The new 4.2 and 3.2 aren’t quite as good as the new GUY series from Moto, but have 3.5 Jacks.
Maybe check out the 7.1, that was released last October? That still has the Jack as well.

Also, right now the Nokia 7.1 is on sale on Amazon for 300.00


I have a 7.1. it’s ok, good enough for the price. Biggest bright spot is that it is Android One and is keeping up with the system updates. My previous experience with Moto X Pure was not nearly as good (to be fair, the Android architecture was not there, but Moto fell down on thier promise to keep it up-to-date).


Today is my first full day of switching to a Moto G6 and so far it’s been perfectly fine. Not faster than my old phone (Samsung S8) which is to be expected, but not all that noticably slower in usual tasks. Overall it does the job very well and honestly it’s hard to tell that it costs litterally a quarter of the price of a new flagship phone. I’m sure the honeymoon period will wear off, but so far I’m happy with the purchase.


Funny thing. Now that they’ve announced the g7, the Fi store is selling the g6 for $99 with $100 Fi credit. I just bought this thing two weeks ago for nearly twice that. Oh well.


Dang. Makes me wish I’d waited a week as I just bought two G6’s from the Fi store on Sunday. I mean I’m still happy with the deal I got, but saving an extra $200 would definitely be nice.


So they are paying you $1 to buy a G6?


Well you have to activate the phone on Fi service and maintain it there for 30 days, then you get a credit you can use to pay your phone bill for the next couple of months, but yeah: net cost for the phone is -$1 ultimately.


The Samsung S10e has most of those things.


I want to get my almost 12-year-old a phone because she’s going to be on her own for chunks of this summer. Obviously, I don’t want to spend much on it.

I’m on google fi and there are a few inexpensive phones. The Moto G6 is $99 and the Android One Moto X4 is $149. Is there any reason to be concerned about either of them or prefer one to the other? The last android phone I owned was the G1, so I’m really not up on the hardware.

I could also hand down my current iPhone 7, but that seems like a less good idea.


I’ve used this one as a backup phone when I had my main one die on me, and it’s worked fine.

I don’t doubt that you’d get similar results from the Moto phones. Low-end Android phones are commodity now…anyone with a truly terrible product has pretty much disappeared since the working ones are so cheap.


I would avoid BLU. There are super cheap, but always out date, security and feature wise, and when it comes to kids, I think that is important.
The newest versions of Android should allow you to create a locked down profile for kids, limiting what they can do on the phone. I think that is probably an important feature you might want to consider.


Yeah, I think I’m either buying one of the inexpensive but current phones through google, or I’m handing down the iPhone 7 I currently use. I’m not willing to much around in all of the Android SKUs and come back with something sketchy and un-updateable.


Yeah, the entry-level Motos are the obvious choice for you IMO.


Another reason to keep that 3.5mm jack…


Don’t know much about the Moto X4 series but the Moto G6 for $99 seems like a great deal! Definitely stay away from the super cheap phones.


Yeah, I could see that as being a huge problem. If my $25 wireless Anker headphones lose half their battery life in a couple years, that’s one thing. But if I were paying $170+ for something I’d want them to last longer than that.