Android - what's in your pocket?


Indeed, it’s a sad contrast to the endless and varied array of different chipsets, OSes, displays, and memory configs you can pick from when configuring your iPhone.


That’s totally fine, but the idea of Android is that you do get that choice!

But you don’t! It’s Qualcomm or nothing. And Essential is doomed, because everyone can see they offer the exact same components as everyone else, just for more money because, uh, reasons


Tell us where the Android device touched you Wumpus, because geezus.


On the very narrow point that there’s not much variety in Android right now, he’s not wrong. I’d kill for decent internals in a thicker phone with a 4"-class screen, and Android, being the open platform, should provide that product, but it’s so difficult to get Android running on a new device (trust me, it’s part of my job) that nobody bothers making anything besides the flavor of the month.


That’s easy, the Qualcomm Hole!


I am still loving the S8+. Great battery life, great screen, perfect size. And got it for about 300 dollars after selling the second phone from the Samsung promotion.

I do wish you could remap Bixby to whatever without installing extra stuff but whatever.


Is it a failure of the platform as a whole if there isn’t a viable market for every possible permutation of features on that platform? People complain about the disappearance of compact flagships and physical keyboards, but if more people had demanded them (or some enterprising company saw a chance to claim an open niche) they’d still be around. I hope that the same can’t be said about headphone jacks in a couple of years.

For what it’s worth, nobody’s making my exact wishlist either (giant OLED screen, stock OS, expandable storage, headphone jack, and thick body to allow for a larger battery).

@wumpus is right that there’s a gap in the processor space, with no option for true high-end single-core performance. And I certainly wish that manufacturers would cater to my preferences instead of chasing the slimmest bodies and the shiniest (and most fragile) case materials. But there is meaningful differentiation on features (OLED vs. LCD, expandable storage, headphone jack, waterproofing, stylus, screen shape, various camera gimmicks, etc.)

And honestly, even if every company was selling an identical generic commodity, there is absolutely value to the end user just because they are competing for our business on price. That article about the Essential phone’s sales mentions you can lease one for $14.58/month. It’s a lot easier to overlook some gripes when you’re paying 1/2 or 1/3 the price of the competition.


You vastly overestimate the average phone buyer’s awareness of the internals of the handsets they’re considering.


Oh, even the externals are identical. Which slim black / white / gold rectangle would you prefer today?


If only Apple had successfully patented black rectangles. Imagine the shapes we could have in our pockets today!


I dropped my Essential today. It’s now scuffed in a corner. I am sad.


The LG V30 has some very good video recording abilities. check out this video as an example:

So the CPU may be the same but this and the quad audio dac sets it apart from most of the other latest android phones.

Personally I am willing to sacrifice a few ms in loading up my webpage for these superior features, plus it still has a headphone jack!

  1. $25/month

At least for TheWombat’s (and my) skimpy data usage.


So now I’m wondering… My wife’s S7 is on the Verizon contract/pay by month thing, which ends in April. I figure I can either

  1. Wait until April, get both of us Google (or whatever Project Fi needs) phones, and dump Verizon
  2. Get me a Google phone this fall, and in April dump the Samsung and Verizon for Fi
  3. Say screw it, Verizon is our lord and master, and buy something now that isn’t Google

I don’t really like 3, though that LG V30 has some nice stuff. 2 is intriguing, but the prices on existing Google phones are only marginally lower than they were at launch it seems, but when the new version drops next month might (?) go down more? Right now, as much as my existing phone kind of annoys me at times, waiting until April seems doable, though how I’d be able to afford two new phones at once I have no idea.


Wow! I use 2 GB a month just from browsing images and whatever. I guess those GIFs on Reddit do add up to 1 GB/month.


Apple has the adapters that support simultaneous charge and audio pass through. That way I could charge my phone and listen through the audio jack dongle, while in my car for example.

I can’t find one for Android / USB C. Do they exist?

In a way it’s a good solution because instead of plugging in my audio and my charger every time I get in my car, it would be only one thing to plug in.


Anyone doing the Project FI phone upgrade?

Get up to $165 for select Nexus devices, and if you start your trade-in by October 5, you’ll earn an extra $50 Fi credit. Terms apply.

Thinking of trading in m Nexus 5x, but the specs on the Moto x4 don’t really seem that much better or am I reading them wrong?


I tend to keep phones a long time, though I did go and see what the trade-in would be ($115 for a 32gb 5x, plus the $50 credit).


I looked into it and decided it wasn’t worth the ~$230 or so to me. Better camera, SD slot (mostly this), and extended update support were tempting, but currently not having any issues with the 5X.


Yeah my week so far with Oreo on my 5x has been rock solid, I think I will hold off. If it doesn’t get Android P next year then maybe I’ll consider moving up to whatever is new next year. :)

At least we have the Moto X4 as a replacement option that is cheap / similar.