Android - what's in your pocket?


I wouldn’t worry about it, Brian. The company is valued at over a billion dollars. Your phone will continue to have a long, prosperous life, with years of timely updates. Just relax and everything will be ok.


Aawwwww, c’mon man…


The bootloader is unlocked, so basically just think about the hardware. It’s a pretty great deal at $499.


Hey could be worse. I once owned a Palm Pre! At least your phone is way cooler.


I’m just glad I didn’t buy a Helio Ocean that one time, going for an iPhone instead.


Oh, and Google Lens is wicked cool. Creepy sort of, but cool.


I picked up the LG V30 as well. I Pixel 2-ified it with the leaked Pixel 2 launcher apk, and the cool live wallpapers.

Love the phone. The audio is great through the quad dac enhanced 3.5mm headphone jack, as @Chappers noted above. The camera video is fan-tastic (haven’t taken many stills yet) and the dedicated wide angle is going to be very useful. Cine Mode on the video camera is neat. One feature lets you tap any spot on the screen during video recording and the camera smoothly zooms in on the spot, regardless of whether it was centered or on the periphery.

The screen is great in normal light. A bit too bright when reading at night, even in ‘comfort view’ (LG’s night mode). I’ve used the iPhone 8 and GS8. Samsung’s screen is a tad nicer, but negligible differences in actual use.

The rear fingerprint reader is in the perfect spot, and works super fast. Wireless charging, quick charge, water resistance, expandable Micro-SD slot, well implemented screenshot utility w/ mark-up capabilities. LG also throws in the new Google Daydream VR as part of their promotions.

Really digging it after 5-6 days of use.


Is there a way to add widgets to the locked screen? I would love to have a local weather report available there.


There are some apps that purport to do this, but they’ve become increasingly unstable with recent Android releases. WidgetLocker used to be the go-to, but this seems like a recent (albeit iffy) replacement:


I’ve used some 3rd party ROMs that let you do this, but natively, as Armando said, it’s…not great…


My weather app, Weather Timeline (about $1.50 in the US), displays as a notification, and in turn, the notification shows up on my Pixel XL lockscreen like this.


OMG. My phone does exactly that thing…and I completely forgot it did that exact thing. It’s still too new to me, I guess. Well spotted.


I use 1weather and it does similar. Less ugly than Thierry’s too ;)


I had a Pixel 2 XL on pre-order and cancelled it the day before it supposed to ship because all the screen news has my hardware flaw sense going haywire. I ordered a Pixel 2 because I want the updates, Google assistant, and I look forward to everything the new not yet enabled chip may bring. The Pixel 2 won’t ship until mid November. I am wondering if I should consider the Note 8 or the Mate10 Pro instead. Any thoughts?


Out of those, I’d personally go with the Note8. With current deals, the price is about equal, so it depends on how much weight you put on their differentiating factors.

Pixel 2:

  • Immediate OS updates.
  • Stock OS and improved responsiveness.
  • Better camera, plus whatever new features eventually get unlocked with the extra processor.


  • Larger and higher-res screen
  • Headphone jack
  • Expandable storage
  • Stylus
  • Dual camera


I got the Pixel 2, and like it quite a bit so far. The Note 8 is great, but damn it’s big. I don’t need a headphone jack, SD card slot, or a stylus, either, so it was never in the running for me. One thing i like about the Pixel 2 is that it’s pretty much the same size as my old HTC, if a bit heavier. About the right size for what I do.


The Essential is great. Pure Android and all.


Yeah, if the Essential had a headphone jack I probably would have already gotten one. It looks really impressive for the price, and even now I’m seriously considering it, since it’s hundreds of dollars less than the competition and it has basically everything else I wanted.


Amazon is now selling LG G6 phones for a decent price if you’re a prime member. $400 for an unlocked phone, I believe. I know they aren’t considered super top-end phones now, but…


Ugh and yay. Google just upped the warranty to two years. Hmmmm… tough decision.