Android - what's in your pocket?


New B&N Nook 10" tablet. It’s thirty bucks cheaper than the Amazon 10" tablet and comes with the play store installed. Pretty amazing value. No obvious gotchas, IPS high-DPI display, reasonable 2nd gen iPad style bezels, 32GB storage, AC 5Ghz wireless, and even a micro SDcard slot! Really not bad for $130.

Oh yeah and it has a headphone jack too, so it beats the iPad there.


My wife might well be interested, she still uses Barnes and Noble for ebooks.

I notice it never mentions the weight…


Got to be around 1.5 pounds, the thing is made of plastic at this price point. But I’d wait a week and a half for reviews before buying.


Google play store has a coupon today. Got $5.

Open the play store on your phone and then scroll down till you see a blue banner.


Wonder how much RAM it has. My Fire HD 7 is so ungodly slow.


It’s cheap as balls, so maybe 2GB if you’re lucky. Wait on reviews.


Scrolled as far as it would go, nothing. Maybe was only limited time?


Yeah I couldn’t see anything either.


The Google store thing is just for ebooks, I think. I had to swipe over to the Books tab in the store for it to show up.


I kept looking in every tab and didn’t find it in the book tab either.

After your post, I looked closer in the book tab and found that audiobooks are a separate sub-tab under books, and that had a $5 coupon for getting an audiobook over $5.

So I guess I’ll be on the lookout for good audiobooks available on Google Play store now. Their selection seems very limited compared to Audible though.


Weird, mine was in the home tab.

Edit:. Android police link where I was informed


I found one for $2. I’m guessing Google is running some kind of promo marketing test, and it’s a random assortment of folks getting between nothing and $5 credits. Some marketing analyst is going to have fun making pretty charts and graphs showing how much extra spending results in each group.


I got $5 on books that cost more than $5. There are too many free Kindle books for me to bite.


As long as it’s not less than 2GB this is instandly one of the best deals on an Android 10" tablet out there. Almost everything else in this price range has half the storage and a worse screen. You have to spend $300-400 to get something better.


Agreed, I really don’t think I’d buy an android device with <2GB RAM. Of course the CPU is going to be some mediatek POS, but that’s fine for the standard tablet stuff.


Oooh. I’ve been pretty pissy trying to find a replacement for my old 7 inch Nexus tablets that my youngest daughter loves. They are old as hell now, but there’s not much to pick from these days that aren’t like $300, or have garbage resolutions.

That looks like a good potential option.


Wow, your N7 is still going? it’s got to be like 5-6 years old now. Mine died in like 2015.

I really liked that thing.


Two of them are still chugging, but it’s only a matter of time before they kick the bucket.


So, it looks like the Nokia 6.1 is on sale for 200, which means it will probably be near that price on black Friday. How does it compare to other phones at that price point?

Both my wife and I are looking to upgrade, and the Honor 6x just feels off these days.


@jsnell posted this a while back when I asked about them in comparison to a J6Pro and Moto X4.