Android - what's in your pocket?


Holy crap this IS magic.


Weird, seems like it only works with cats.


Is there a way to add/remove sites from my news feed? Right now it seems to be pulling stuff from my Chrome bookmarks. On Windows Phone I could pick my own news sources.


Specifically calico cats. What about regular cats?


Calicos are the best.


Oh, i need to try it with Max, who is black.


Man. Bunch of nothing so far, phone deal wise.


Hmmm so Pixel 3 has $400 off today at the Project Fi store.

$200 back , $200 fi credit.

Gonna do it I think. Now which Pixel 3 is the question.


I just got an email from Project Fi claiming various phone deals. Might be worth taking a look.


Think I am gonna go with the non-XL version. But is that 2915 mAh battery gonna be good enough ?


I’m curious…
I rather new to having a smartphone. What does the Pixel 3 (or other expensive phone) do that something like the Moto X4 doesn’t? I know the Pixel’s camera is supposed to be really nice, but what else?

I haven’t done anything on my Moto X4 where I thought it needed to be better. I understand what dropping extra money on a computer gets you but I don’t understand it with phones. Maybe it’s better that way so I don’t start wanting expensive phones :-)


Hah! So I posted this at the end of the night last night and that email showed up shortly thereafter.

Just ordered Pixel 3s (non-XL, 64GB) for myself and the wife. $400, no-fee financing, free shipping, plus $50 apiece for our old dying N5Xes. As much as it burns my ass to trade in $350 phones for $50 three years laters, it’s not like we can pass them off to someone or use them for some other purpose.


Pixel 3s are essentially the same price as Pixel 2XLs ($400 with Fi Credit).

Meanwhile all Motorola phones are on sale, as are the LG phones.

That makes Moto G6 $100, Moto X4 $150, LG G7 ThinQ $350, LG V35 ThinQ $600.

So that Fi page doesn’t make it easy to see specs. Any opinions about the various phones? I can also get $50 credit for my wife’s Nexus 5x, and $53 for my Nexus 6p.

As far as I know, my wife hasn’t mentioned any problems with her 5X, so it might last another year. My 6p has been giving me horrible battery problems though.


Oh hey, Project Fi does have a spec comparison page to make it easy to compare specs:

I have to say, I’m thinking the LG G7 might be a better buy than the Pixel 3.

  • It has the same Qualcomm 845 processor, same Adreno GPU, same 4G RAM
  • It has 64 GB storage, but you can stick in microSD card up to 2TB more, PIxel 3 just has 64 GB.
  • Obviously it’s camera won’t be as good, but that shouldn’t matter that much to me.
  • Also, it probably won’t get the latest Android updates as fast as Pixel 3, sadly
  • It has an FM Radio
  • It has a 3.5mm Headphone Jack, FFS
  • It is $50 cheaper


GF has a G7 ThinQ. It is an excellent phone.



I texted with my wife this morning, she said her Nexus 5X is running great and she doesn’t need a new phone. So it’s just my 6p that needs changing.

Looking into it further, I can buy this thing to connect my headphones when I’m walking, or listening to music at work, or connecting to the aux cable in my car:

It basically goes from the USB C connector to a 3.5 mm jack. $12. So not too bad. That makes the Pixel 3 $412 with that accessory included. The thing that still attracts me to the Pixel 3 versus the LG G7 ThinQ is the whole aspect of having the latest version of android. Hmmm, on the other hand the LG still lets me expand the storage with a microSD card. That would mean I could finally dump my OnePlus One and keep all my audiobooks and music on a single device.

Edit: Also, it occurred to me that I usually charge my phone in the car while it’s connected to the stereo. I won’t be able to do that. I can either output to the auxilary cable, or I can charge the phone, one or the other, with the Pixel 3.


Heads up, the LG phones are one of the slowest to receive new android OS updates.

The LG G7 ThinQ should be getting Android 9 in January 2019.

Going with the Pixel line means you get the updates first , guaranteed for 3 years.


I wish Microsoft would revive their phone OS. It just felt so much better than Android…


Ahhhh, damn it, that sucks. Decision paralysis!

Pixel 3 is definitely looking better now. I really wish they had included a headphone jack, those bastards.


Same, but I do have bluetooth wireless earbuds I should learn to use more. Guess this gives me the reason to do so.

Went with a Pixel 3 , 5.5 inch , 64 GB model. Pretty much a giant leap over my ancient Nexus 5x 32GB.

$400+ tax with all the discounts is my limit for a new phone, even that amount has me shaking my head a bit. But I should be good for 3 years now.

Grabbed this case and these screen protectors off Amazon too.