Android - what's in your pocket?


We have a Roav as well and are very happy with it overall.


My car can read MP3 files from a thumbdrive. I don’t get a lot of calls on my phone. Plus using a smartphone while driving scares me.


Yeah but loading MP3 files on a thumbdrive is so 2009. Also recent podcasts are pretty much on equal importance with gasoline and wheels, in terms of getting me to travel by car.


With the thumbdrive it’s much easier for me to navigate the file/folder tree. I haven’t yet found an Android app that can do this easily over Bluetooth. (Which reminds me I should also check whether this is possible on my Windows Phone, since I still use it a lot for multimedia.)


So this thing can communicate with my car somehow even though my car doesn’t have bluetooth? Through the FM transmitter? So I play my audiobook or podcast on the phone, and it’s transmitted over bluetooth to the device, and it transmits it to an FM frequency that I tune into on the car radio? Sounds needlessly complicated. I hope that thing I bought works.


Windows Phone is the Betamax of the last decade. It’s the superior product that never gained the popularity it should have.



Then how do you use Waze?




Only the best GPS you can get.


I print out stuff from Google Maps on my PC.


Huh, I wonder what causes more distracted driving, constantly looking at paper maps – and my god you’re wasting paper sir – or looking at a smart phone.

My vote is paper.

Seriously though, you should join us in 2018. As shit as a lot of things have gotten, usability is not one of them.


I don’t know if my phone has GPS. I never checked.


Only one way to map!


Ok, enough feeding the @YakAttack for now. 😁


You people and your fancy maps, are the reason the sextant is starting to go out of favor. :(


Is it a smartphone produced in the last decade? Then the answer is yes!


Waze (whatever that is) is better than Google Maps? Does it get its traffic data from Google maps?


No they hire this guy who flies around in a helicopter and tells everybody where the traffic is. At least that’s how I understand it.


Google owns Waze. The two apps are separate items from separate teams – as a result, Waze is a bit more cutting edge and features from Waze tend to migrate over to Google maps.

In my experience, Waze tends to offer some out-of-the-box routes to save time. I usually recommend using Waze if you’re very familiar with the area and can easily adapt to the routes it suggests, while Maps is the safer bet for when you’re in an unfamiliar area (since Maps will usually offer traditional/conservative routes first).


You guys, I love my job.

But my Pixel 3 is waiting for me at home. Sad and scared in its box, all alone.

My focus is not what it could be.


You got it that fast from Google? You ordered it the same day that I did!

But wait, maybe you live in a city that wasn’t crippled by a Blizzard today.