Android - what's in your pocket?


Yea, I’m going to look into that. The upgrade happened right before I went to bed and I’ve only had time to complain, not to actually try and fix things. :)


Nova Launcher is your friend.


Why does my Pixel 3 insist on using the Google Fi vpn when I’m on my home wi-fi?


Yeah, it’s strange. I don’t really understand it, but I let it do its thing. I guess they’re assuming I’m going to be using my phone at home for porn or something? But even if you are, why do you need a VPN?



Seems OnePlus is the only sustainable vanilla Android maker?


But when I turn it off… Seems like it should stay off :/

Edit: turning off the Enhanced Network Beta does stop it at least.


I agree with some of their points, especially the asking prices of these phones.

I mean what is the true cost of the Pixel 3? If they are offering $400 off the price for black friday weekend. The one huge perk not mentioned is the 3 years of OS upgrades / 3 years of security patches. I doubt many phone makers will match that.

I hope to keep my Pixel 3 for 3 years, as it performs like a champ, but who knows for sure. :)

Anyone who bought one at launch a month earlier at full price can’t be that happy.


Oh weird, Gizmodo has an axe to grind? I’m shocked!

E: oh I see, this is editorially mandated hatin’ for clicks. Got mine, I guess. What a weird list of minor complaints to try and support the conclusion that “Google doesn’t care about hardware.” Which is ultimately followed by “I still think the Pixel 3 is the best phone for most people.” Maybe the article would work better as a roast? Ugh. Tech bloggery is actually worse than video game bloggery.


Thanks for the response! I’ve done a factory reset and also disabled that “adaptive battery” feature thats supposed to improve battery usage, but seems to do the opposite.

So now I can usually make it to the evening at least. Still worse than it was before the Pie update, but at least usable again.


The only thing I noticed is it improves “standby”. If the phone doesn’t physically move it can last a while on a table. This morning I used it for webbrowsing, an hour and I was down to 70% bat.

Also watch that adaptive brightness it’s very strange. When it pumps up to 100% battery dies faster.


Yeah… I’ve deselected the adaptive brightness and have it set at about 50%, increasing it a bit when necessary.


I can’t stand adaptive brightness, never have been able to. It’s so distracting to me when my phone changes brightness while I’m looking at it.


After typing that reply I went to pay attention, that stupid thing went from 0% to 100% (up and down) in the same 20 minute trip.


I just turned mine off, I didn’t even know there was such a setting.


Adaptive brightness works pretty well for me on all my phones so far. It does gobble up batteries when it gets super bright. But with that brightness out in the bright sun, I wouldn’t be able to see what’s on the screen, so it’s working as designed, for me at least. (At least on OnePlus One, Nexus 6p and now Pixel 3).


I’ve always turned Adaptive Brightness off, for the same reason. I find it jarring, and batteries these days do better than they used to anyway, IMO.

My Pixel 2 XL arrived yesterday, WAY ahead of schedule. Pretty happy with how Google managed my expectations on shipping. I picked up this case…

And while I like it, I’d really prefer a vertical flip case instead, because it’s much easier to flip open one-handed. But I’m not seeing anything good on Amazon. Anyone have a recommendation? The same company that makes this used to make vertical flip cases, and I loved the one I had for my Nexus 5x.


I like adaptive brightness. The only time it gives me trouble is when I’m in between light and dim. Sometimes the screen doesn’t get bright enough.My battery lasts a long time. At 8PM I’m at 71%. Granted I’m not a heavy phone user but it works pretty well for me.


Good lord, you’ve turned your phone into the Necronomicon.


I was going to say it looked like a piece of well-browned toast…