Android - what's in your pocket?



That’s the seller’s stock photo of it. This is mine:

Which is lighter in color than I would have preferred, now that I’m looking at it in person.

But mainly it’s the flipping direction that I’d like to change. The one I had for my Nexus 5x could flip open one-handed like an STOS Communicator.

Edit: the use case for me is when I need to do something quick with the phone while i’m holding something else in my other hand, such as a book, or while I’m sitting on my bike (not while in motion).



Sad, I love my Essential.


Shit, the $250 headphone adapter didn’t save it?


We are sold out of Essential Phone on and won’t be adding any new inventory. We are now hard at work on our next mobile product and will continue to sell accessories and provide speedy software updates and customer support to our existing community.

I’m hoping they have something new by mid to late 2019, otherwise I’ll probably switch to OnePlus (7?).


Yeah, same, since the latest Pixels seem a step down, honestly.


Agreed. I know the cameras are amazing (had a Nexus 6P), but I don’t think the advantage is big enough to warrant the lame industrial design.


Whats the consensus on good podcast apps?
I’ve been using Podcast Addict and its ok, though it crashes quite frequently on my pixel. Thus I’m looking for an alternative option… eg I’ve read that google has stepped in and created an app? Has anyone here used that?


I love Pocket Casts. It’s free app is great enough, but it’s real awesomeness is paying a one-time fee to sync your podcats across multiple devices as well as listen in a browser.


That’s what I use and like - maybe due to a recommendation from you.


Thanks for the tip, just installed it and will give it a bash. A nice feature seems to be the auto-sync with a web interface, though I’m a bit irritated that they want another 10€ for that on top of the 4€ I already paid for the app itself.


It’s still a bargain. They have no recurring revenue. Once you’ve paid, that’s it. I paid for both app and web player years ago, and use both on a daily basis.


I like PlayerFM. I found its multi device syncing more reliable.


Yeah, I think the only app I use as much as Pocket Casts is Chrome.


I resemble this remark! I tried Player FM as well but just found Pocket Casts easier to use. But they’re both great apps.


Podcast Addict actually has more functionality (minus the web syncing), but my God that UI. I use Pocket Casts just so I don’t have to deal with that.


I don’t mind podcast addict, it’s my go to. The interface is pretty sucky but I’m used to it.


Used it for years. Believe I even paid for it at some point. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.


Ditto except for finding the UI pretty sucky part. Playlists are easy to set up, and I only download what I want to download, unlike the incredibly hyped and functionally crippled Overcast (IOS, but you get the idea.). Never tried Pocket Casts but I’m actually somewhat locked into Addict now, after 4 years and all the playback stats.


My friend, have I got some good news for you.