Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


Yeah I think maybe I was testing the wrong side (how much a teensy bit of horror would turn you off). There’s a good deal of really good positive, lighthearted slice of life anime, and plenty of hero stuff for kids. I don’t watch much of it though. :(

Sports related positive hero stuff: Haikyuu, Cross Game (Amazingly good, moderate relationship stuff), Hajime no Ippo (Seriously just fantastic)
Hero plus Iron Chef (seriously): Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma (Really good)
Slice of life plus people playing piano: Nodame Cantabile
More serious, but awesome: Dennou Coil (scary for kids), Planetes, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Samurai Champloo (very unique, can’t remember but there might be a little horror), Haibane Renmei

Sorry, they aren’t ordered in any meaningful way. Just look them up and pick one that looks good to you. They are all fantastic in their own way.

Things I’ve heard are good but haven’t watched myself: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, Clannad/Clannad: After Story, GTO, Gintama’


I will plus one this and add my favorite anime of all time: The Twelve Kingdoms. It kind of just stops, which is sad, but absolutely worth watching up that point.


Thanks for the suggestions guys, I’ve started a list and will begin checking these out! Otagan, actually it was the mention of Snow White with the Red Hair earlier in the thread that got me thinking, so yes that’s certainly something I’d watch.


Oh, great, since the second season just finished and it was excellent so keep that on the list if it was already there. I’ll make sure to chime in if I think of anything else that fits the bill, since anything coming to mind right now got short-changed by an abrupt ending with no follow-up in the works. I know there are some options out there once I can pin them down.

I’ll also vouch for anything on arrendek’s list that isn’t Haikyuu or Cross Game (not because those two are bad, I just haven’t seen them).


My kids tell me I can’t watch Gintama (I don’t know which Gintama, cause there are many…) because it heavily spoofs anime tropes, thus it loses its charm if you’re an anime noob.


Oh, speaking of inside-anime jokes, watch Lucky Star. It won’t detract much from the enjoyment if you don’t know the references, but it adds another fun layer when you spot them.


Gintama has both funny and serious strings of episodes. I think knowing the anime tropes would make it funnier but even not knowing everything, it will still make you laugh. When it is serious it is a really good show to watch. I like that it goes back and forth between the two styles. One of my favorite animes ever (and my kids love watching it too).


It’s too far out of control at this point for me to ever actually try catching up. Did try to get started back before the episode count hit three digits, made it through the Nabe Shogun episode and petered out.

Which is a shame, looking back on it, since that’s probably right around when the introductions were all done and the meat of the show was going to start. Oh well.


Just watched the first episode of Bungo Stray Dogs and thought it was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Sounds weird, but it’s like Witch Hunter Robin and JoJo had a baby, animated by Bones.

Also saw the first three eps of the Lost Village and not quite sure how I feel about it just yet.


More or less guaranteed to be one of the biggest trainwrecks of the season. That can be an appealing factor in and of itself to some.

I’m just watching it so long as a certain character is still alive and will immediately stop watching when said character no longer draws breath.


Finally got around to watching ERASED and I have to say it’s one of the best animes in recent memory for me. Just fantastic. And honestly the way most anime end I didn’t mind that it ended the way it did. It definitely didn’t just end with a trope.


Yup, my daughter and I really enjoyed that one.


New anime “Koutetsujou no kabaneri” looking good. Like a mix of Attack on the Titans and Princess Mononoque.


Yes, I like it so far.

I also like Sakamoto desu ga (I was reading the manga at one time). I find it amusing but may not be for everyone.

I am watching Boku no Hero Academia (I have read that they think this may become the next Naruto). I did not like the manga so much but have to say I do like it better as an anime. This is certainly geared for the younger crowd but I like superhero type stories.

My son and I get a kick out of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable. I have no idea why I like this.

The Joker Game has been interesting and is a bit different (concerns spys)


This week episode of Kabaneri has been average. I don’t know if the serie have anything to show other than badass characters being badass, I hope I am wrong.

I am on a phase where I hate all anime because my tolerance for fan pandering and unnecessary sex flashing is zero.


I hate those things too and have been finding plenty of things to watch. Problem is, I’m guessing you’ve already seen them all. :P


This anime is really good:
Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Groundhog Day mixed with detective with a lot of mystery.


I really liked it the few few episodes and then it seemed to switch to the typical romance type of anime and then wham it switched back to being crazy!

It really is very good.

If anyone tries this (Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu) you must watch them in order do not skip any episodes.


What services is it on? Is it on Hulu? Netflix?

EDIT: Nevermind, it’s only on Crunchyroll, which I don’t have a membership for.


You can watch on Crunchyroll but you get ads if you are not a paid subscriber.