Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


It is. I like it specially because it propose the idea that maybe being greedy/selfish could be something Good.

Is really interesting and unique, because generally we get people ridiculing and trying to shutdown selfiness anywhere. And generally for good.



thanks for sharing!


I just got through the first two episodes of RE:Zero and i’m hooked. I look forward to to seeing where it goes from here.

Mob Psycho 100 looks cool too I’ll have to check that out. I saw One Punch Man is beginning a run on Adult Swim Toonami Saturday night for those that haven’t seen it yet.

I’ve been watching Hunter x Hunter and Parasyte on Toonami, Both have been good but i’m really intrigued by the world of Hunter x Hunter. I’ve thought about just going on a binge but it’s been sort of nice to take it at a leisurely pace.


Not sure if I will like Mob Psycho yet (though I love One Punch Man). I will give it a couple more episodes. Though the MC does look like a younger One Punch Man with a wig on :)


BTW, season 2 of Food Wars just started up on Crunchyroll.


I watched it … has much I could. Did not liked it, I don’t say is bad, but is not my thing.

Latest episode of Re:Zero was not epic. I guest you can’t make all episodes terrorize the watchers. The whole episode was people telling the protagonist what he is doing wrong, and he still doing it. So I guest he will have to die a few more times in horrible ways before he “get it”.

Also watched some random youtuber article about why bad anime is bad. It was interesting. He use has example GATE, that is a anime I enjoyed. This made me realize we sometimes like bad anime because thematics or other reasons that interest us.

Theres bad anime that is bad because the story is uninspiring, the characters flat, the draw boring. Then theres the bad anime that is bad because is fan service ^100… but somewhere in the world somebody consider it a gem. Is bad to like bad things? probably not, but…


I suscribed to crunchyroll!.. for now. I don’t find the browse ability much good. I feel the site have a sea of content, but I only get to see a teaspon of it. And any random teaspon of anime is going to be shit, because 90% of anime is shit. So, I dunno. I will stick to it a few days, or maybe I will forget I pay for it and continue getting paying without noticing.

I believe is good to give money to the people that make things you enjoy, but It seems the “pirate” sites are better at reachability and “frontpage” for anime :-/

I will search the internet, maybe somewhere theres a “guide of good anime in crunchyroll” or something.


Thanks for reminding me to cancel Crunchyroll. There is really no good option for watching them on Amazon Fire TV (unless you’re already running Kodi regularly, then there is an OK option). Otherwise the service was pretty good. I hope you find stuff you like Teiman. The only things I missed were the things that appear to be Funimation exclusives.

But yes, for pretty much any media, pirates on the internet have better customer service and a better product.


Hulu has a lot of animes these days too.


I agree that Crunchyroll does not present their catalog that well. They are much more oriented to the current season. I usually use the Popular and Updated tabs to watch stuff. Because Crunchyroll license things they can have animes drop off whereas the other types of sites never lose their catalog items. I guess Crunchyroll is not incentivized to do a better job in that area.


The last two episodes have been a little too samey for me. Too much crying poor me for my taste. The problem is that usually when he blinks back he changes things but lately he comes back the same as before. I hope this one ends well. I will keep watching because it has continuously surprised me I just hope it does so again in the next episode.


Is kind of his own thing, and it works. The drama and action just before he gets killed is so high, so stressful, that you feel like the character when he blink back. Like a fish outside water.

This gain the serie a lot of credit, because it feels soo good. But then they expend that credit by something than in any other serie would be boring.


The last episode of Re: Zero was back on track I am happy to say. Nothing mind boggling but moving forward from the rut the MC has been in for the last few episodes.


So Episode 18 of Re: Zero was pretty amazing wasn’t it? I feel like this kind of episode is almost completely unique to anime. There were a few episodes like this in Neogenesis: Evangelion too, where a character completely bares his soul to someone, and you have a whole episode that mostly just consists of one thought process or conversation. It happens sometimes in American shows, but it’s rare. You only see that kind of emotional nakedness in a show like Battlestar Galactica sometimes, but I’ve seen it time and again in anime. It’s something they’re uniquely good at. It kind of makes this whole journey worthwhile. Because of its ending I hate Evangelion by the end, but I was still glad I went through the journey because of episodes like that. And now, Episode 18 (titled From Zero, I believe) is like that for me in this show.

Even if this show doesn’t conclude in a satisfying way, this was sort of an emotional climax that the show had been building towards since the first episode. And it was fantastic.

I can’t wait until next Sunday to find out what happens next in Episode 19.


17 & 18 seemed a bit samey to me but I agree 18 was more productive for the character and plot. I think it is interesting that the main love interest is off screen and I like Rem the most. She certainly helped the MC to get it together with some soft words.


what a episode of woahh… :D


Do you mean Episode 19 (available for everyone?) or Episode 20 (available for premium members today, for everyone next Sunday)?

(Must be Ep 20, since 19 was all setup).

Episode 17 was the first fight against the White Whale, so it wasn’t anything like Episode 18.

What’s interesting is when the White Whale got Rem, it seemed to erase her from everyone’s memory. But other victims of the White Whale mentioned in Episode 19 are still remembered by their loved ones. Maybe the White Whale didn’t get Rem after all. We never did see what happened to her after she left the cart. I do hope those kinds of unanswered questions are resolved eventually.


Noone watching Berserk? Last episode was pretty great, can’t wait for the new one next week.


Episode 20. I have Crunchyroll on trial premium period.

I will not say anything at all to no spoil people.


Yeah I’ve been keeping up with Berserk too. The stuff with the cultists in the cave with the goat dude and his snake dick are scenes I remember vividly from the manga. I also remember women having nipples, but according to the anime I guess I am mistaken. Looking forward to seeing other cool stuff animated.