Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


From the days when I did actually watch anime regularly. Still listen to it on occasion.



The fact that it is using a still from FF VII in a non FF VII game is bothering me, jerk ;)


The other video I found of the same thing was showing a slide show of ports from… Portugal or something.

So google that one and sub it in. :P


Yoko Kanno also did the OST for Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex, including the utterly stunning Inner Universe and Rise openers. Among many other series. But Cowboy Bebop and GITS:SAC are the big ones, I think.


And Macross Plus. And Escaflowne. And many others.

@Rock8man seriously, she’s perhaps the greatest composer of my lifetime and the vast majority of people have never heard of her. Can pretty much guarantee you’ve heard her work, even though you didn’t know it, since, in addition to all the anime series, she has created music for commercials of some of the biggest companies in the world…Microsoft, Toyota, IBM, Google, Sony, Nintendo, and a whole bunch more.


It’s no Food Wars, but Restaurant to Another World is likely to be the closest we’re going to get until season 3 drops.

Relax lady, it’s just a cutlet.


Thanks! I’ll put it on the list to watch after it finishes the season.


Based on the recommendations here, I started watching Hero Academia on Hulu yesterday.

5 Episodes in, I like it so far. The voice acting in the dub is decent too. Unfortunately Hulu keeps wanting to switch me to the Subtitled version instead after the end of every episode. Stupid Hulu.


I’m watching New Game! and it’s amazing, like Lucky Star moves into the workplace (video game design, naturally). Not so heavy on the cultural references, but very similar in the group-of-girlfriends, slice-of-life style. Just about done with the first set of 12 episodes, and the second set is airing now.


Finally watching Bakuman and it’s really good. Breezed through the first season in what felt like record time.


Couple of things I tried in the last few weeks but bounced off:

Outbreak Company - Just too generic for me. The premise is OK, basically like GATE but less miltary…send in the salesmen to sell them into submission! And of course what they want to sell is otaku culture. But the implementation is the worst kind of let’s-do-harem-like-every-other-show-in-the-last-20-years schlock. Couldn’t put up with it to see if they did anything interesting with the overall direction.

Thunderbolt Fantasy - Not really anime since it’s done with puppets, with plenty of added sound effects and special effects. I watched the first couple episodes just to see what it was like, and it isn’t terrible. The puppets mostly look like they’ve come straight out of a Korean MMO like Blade and Soul. But I wasn’t really interested in the story and the puppet-action thing gets old pretty quick.


Outbreak Company was such shit. The premise was silly but it could have worked… if they hadn’t saddled it with Saturday morning cartoon-grade logic and writing.

I just rewatched Problem Children are Coming from Another World for some reason. A pretty good 10-episode single-season entry in the “modern humans kick ass in fantasy dimension” genre.


Finished up Active Raid and finally got around to writing a bit about it. It’s a cops-in-mecha show, even if they call the mecha “Willwear” and they’re human-sized instead of gigantic. If you like that stuff and don’t mind that the show doesn’t take itself too seriously, then this is a pretty decent representation of the genre.


I’m pretty sure “human-sized mecha” is just called powered armor.


Here’s another one not to bother with: God Eater. The story is bland, basically an Attack on Titan remix. The characters are generic and (at least for me) highly annoying. The main guy is one of those “I’m so angry at the bad guys that I’ll go off on my own and disobey all the rules but it somehow works out every time for me” protagonists that just screams “we didn’t want to bother writing something new”. The one redeeming quality is that the art is pretty good, but pretty crap is still crap. I made it through episode 3 before I gave up.


@ineffablebob - even though you kinda bounced off Re:Zero, you might want to give KonoSuba! a try. Same basic premise - i.e., ordinary Japanese boy dies and is reincarnated in a very RPG-ish fantasy world - but it’s played for laughs. Gets pretty fan-service-y, though, so skip it if that’s a turn-off.


Thanks for both the recommendation and the fan service warning…I’ll probably skip it for that reason. It’s not like I’ve never watched shows that go overboard on the fan service, but over time I’ve gotten much less forgiving of it.


The games the anime are based on are actually fun, and the first one even has an interesting story and all, but yeah, not sure how well it translates to anime. It seems not too well, alas.


The only fanservice I remember in Konosuba is parodies of fanservice. Much like it parodies pretty much everything.

But hey, if ineffabob is that easily put off, he doesn’t deserve Konosuba.