Anno 1800, city-building in the industrial revolution

A friendly reminder for anyone thinking about picking up 2205 that it only has the campaign mode - no continuous/sandbox mode, no opponents, no customizable anything. It’s just the tutorial campaign and absolutely nothing else.

My issue with the space station DLC, is that much like the base game, it’s more of a puzzle game than a strategy one. You can literally just Google “perfect” space station layouts, and unlocking the modules is just a matter of sitting around and waiting.

The Tundra DLC is just more of the same from the base game, minus draining the water and the seed vault project (I can’t stand the stupid map projects in that game, because so often they are just micromanagement fetch quests, or being given a unit to carry out some tedious, easy task).

The lunar stuff is the most interesting, though it also kinda makes the game trivially easy once you build fusion plants and can just beam cheap power anywhere else. Plus, if you have the "Lei Sheng (I think that’s the name) modules, you can reduce the maintenance costs for the power plants to near-zero.

The one thing 2205 does, that I wish was in 1800, is giving you a concrete understanding of how much of a surplus or deficit of each commodity you are running - as opposed to 1800, which currently only seems to give you a rough idea of how something is trending recently without taking into account purchases, sales, or things like expeditions that might lead to sudden drops.

A little later to the party because I’ve been waiting for a significant price drop. Anyway, the Epic store has it on sale for $47.99, plus a $10 discount for new customers, which gets it under the .magic price point of $40.

Downloading now…

…or not. It crashed and now I can’t get it to start up again. I wrote to support and I get and email asking for all sorts of contact information.

Not a good way to start, to say the least.

I thought Ubi games weren’t working with Epic? Did they get that fixed?

I hadn’t heard that. Beats me. I heard from someone in service this morning, so kudos for the rapid response, but so far I’ve sent them a screen shot of the error message but they haven’t gotten back to me with any solution.

I’d be happy if they just sent me a key I could use with the Ubi store.

Or a refund.

Just to be clear, that’s the discount that Epic is providing to all customers during its sale that buy something over $14.

Oh. I was under the impression it was for your first purchase. I wonder why they don’t just simplify it and take the additional $10 off the top.

There’s a discussion on that over in the Epic store thread, but I think what it comes down to is that if the base price reflected that discounted, then price aggregators would report an abnormally low historic price for the games on sale. Which is probably fair given that Epic themselves are paying the $10 discount.

1800 made me go back and play Imperialism yet again.

I’ve actually learned about a bug I had no idea was in there the last 20 years. The “locked” grant feature that gives money to a minor nation every turn is broken! It will take your money, but it won’t affect the relations with that nation. You have to manually issue a grant every turn. I had always been wondering why other AIs were beating me in foreign relations. Now I’m reliably colonizing minor nations that I dump money into.

2 gig update mandatory download for a DLC characters you can’t use if you just own the standard edition.

2 Gig just for the DLC characters? That seems a bit insane.

As far as I could tell. The rest is just some bug fixes and a minor interface change for trading.

Is there some kind of building type search/highlight feature in any of these games that I’m missing?

Not that I can see. The UI in the game could use a lot of help.

You can hover over each individual island, and find out how many things it already has on it by then hovering over the building you are interested in from the building tab.

Clumsy, I know. There’s no way to jump to each building of a particular type though, for example.

This is desperately needed.

Weird how they haven’t thought to include such a feature in the twenty years the series has been around.

Even something as simple as having icons of the produced good hovering over the building. Imagine how easy it would be to include a toggle feature for that.

Anno has always been one of those games where they have never put in really obvious enhancements/features like that. They almost seem proud to be stuck.

Stuff I really wish they had:

  • Search/jump to X building type
  • What is this island producing?
  • Surplus/deficit that only takes production/consumption into account

Whatever happened to that freelc that was supposed to be a new building with data?

I think in some of the earlier ones if you were going to build something, it would highlight the relevant it buildings. So if I were looking for the hospital I could select to build a house or another hospital and the hospitals would be highlighted (eg green shaded). It’s that what you mean?