another new Netflix Show (Travelers)


Oh wow, I really need to get on it and watch Season 2.


I’m cautiously optimistic about this. I didn’t like how another rule or restriction seemed to vanish with every episode, but there were still a lot of good twists and surprises.


Can’t wait. I love this show.


It’s live. There goes my weekend.


That new FBI partner kinda looks like Ivanova.


As in Claudia Christian?

Haven’t started watching yet. Elsewhere, someone wrote that in Season 2’s final episode,


we learned that “pre-overwritten” Marcy’s brain damage was somehow due to something that Traveler 001 did. I sure don’t remember that detail.

Is that true, and if so, can someone fill me in?


Oh, yeah.

He was trying to create a consciousness transfer device and used her as a test subject. It failed and screwed up her brain instead. This also makes the “magical” restoration later make a little more sense, since it means both damage and recovery were the result of quantum shenanigans.


Thanks, now I remember. Somehow he was funding a big hospital and in return the administrator was looking the other way.


Did you ever think…of real life Time Travelers?



Yes as in Ivanova is always right, Ivanova is God.

I can’t even remember who Traveller 001 is.


Traveler 001 is the guy who came back on 9/11 to retrieve some kind of important mission-related info from an office in one of the twin towers and promptly went rogue. Played by Enrico Colantoni aka Eliot the fashion photographer from Just Shoot Me, the sitcom from over twenty years back with Laura San Giacomo, George Segal, David Spade and Wendy (Wendie?) Malick.


OK she looks like a cross between her and Katie Holmes. And Ivanova/Claudia Christian was cuter.

OK, I’m 3 episodes in and they’ve all been great so far. I wonder what the story is with the visions that Kat and Philip are having, though.

And BTW, where are these people finding these cool clocks?! I haven’t seen one of those with the flipping numbers IRL for at least 25 years and they were old then. And the other one with the incandescent elements that form the numerals is like mid-1960s tech, isn’t it (I remember a scene from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service with George Lazenby where they were part of a deciphering machine)?


They’re Canadians, so Cuba?

edit: apparently this vancouver-based company used the same clock in continuum: “episode 8 “Game Time” Alec has the exact same clock on his desk if you pause at 31:13”

“Nixie clock”, wow they are expensive, $200. This Ukranian person makes them for example:


Man, this show is far better than it has any right to be.


We watched the first episode of Season 3 last night.

Started off going “damn, I remember they got arrested by the FBI at the end of last season, but WTF is going on now?”

By the end of the episode, everything made sense again. They are certainly stretching the Director’s power and influence, but other than that, it holds together well.



Overall pretty strong. Less faffing about than in S2, which is good, and the finale was pretty balls to the wall, which I appreciate.

Still a little too much whining about comparatively minor shit when the Travelers know damn well the fate of the world is at hand. I realize they’re going for a “become the monsters you’re trying to fight” quandary but it just doesn’t land for me.

Nonetheless, better than S2 and quite good in the final reckoning. Recommended!


Finished. Once again I really enjoyed the season. I hope we get another. I want to see where they go from here.


Really enjoyed Season 3. And they aimed right in the feels with the selected deaths.

A question from the final scene:

Is the implication that 9/11 did not happen, and that MacLaren stopped it long before we see him in the WTC? Clock may have been misleading (8:33 when he went in to the office) as it was perhaps 10 minutes before the first plane hit. Why would MacLaren stay in the room and become the target for 001?

The reset is intriguing but makes me feel like the whole series is set up to have ended right there. If not, Ver 2.0 next year? I still love this damned show.


To answer your question, I think


that all Maclaren did was to send a message to the Director before the arrival of 001, thus preventing the latter from arriving and providing a proof of concept for the program at the same time, but also letting the director know that this “playthrough” so to speak had failed and ended up with protocol Omega status. 9/11 still happened and Mac died there as did all the other victims.