Another way to be embarrassingly eliminated is coming to Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the massive sleeper hit from Mediatonic and Devolver Digital, is getting its first update. Included in the patch will be Jump Showdown, the “fan-favorite” level from the beta.

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Add this to the list of games I can’t find this anywhere on the Xbox game store.

It’s only available on PC (via Steam) and PS4.

I’m sure it will come to Xbox eventually, it seems like a hit.

Man, I so wanted to like this. In fact I do. I bought it day one, but refunded it as I could not get a controller to work.

That and it seems pretty sparse on content - only 25 levels, which seems even worse than that as some ‘game’ types have only one or a couple of level. The steam reviews that aren’t glowing call out repetitiveness kicks in pretty quickly. I decided to hold off for a few months and see how commited the devs are.

Seems like a game that should have had way more levels on launch.

Guessing the “too repetitive” folks are binge gamers. As a fun little distraction for ten or fifteen minutes I love it. Then again I got it for free through PS+.

I’ve seen two people on my twitter feed allegedly smash their TV / controller as a result of playing this game in the last few days. It definitely seems like one of those games.

I picked Fall Guys up last week and I’ve been really enjoying it in small bursts and I’m so happy it’s been such a huge hit for the developers. An indie multiplayer doing this well is a rare thing. The clean and confident presentation reminds me of Splatoon, Mario Kart and Super Monkey Ball and it also has that arcade immediacy but with the battle royale special sauce to keep folk coming back.

The loading screen music in particular, with its twangy bass work, reminds me of Splatoon’s soundtrack:

It’s a proper loosey-goosey goofy game so I don’t get the stress over failing when there’s a good dose of luck involved in not being knocked out sometimes–and it’s quick to start again!. I got my first win at 103 minutes playtime which, according to the forums, is pretty bloody quick. But then again, I ‘won’ my very first game on Apex Legends. Granted, I wasn’t alive, but that’s a technicality. I was tempted to quit right there and claim the 100% success rate but… the battle royale special sauce is potent stuff.

My favourite map/mode on Fall Guys is See Saw. Never before have I co-operated so reluctantly to get ahead.

Edit: I’ve only seen one instance of cheating so far but it was blatant.

I am, shamefully, a rage gamer, but this game has only made me laugh at the inevitable setbacks.

“a large [boom] that spins around”

The see-saw level is doing a great job of explaining America’s Covid crisis to me, with people absolutely refusing to do anything that fractionally inconveniences their progress so the whole group can move forward, even if it means they fall off the ledge. Either that or there are people who genuinely don’t understand how see-saws work.

I’m really enjoying this game so far - I like the bite-sized games and how quick it is to re-queue and get back in after failure. If I worked hard to find a complaint it would be that the between-round screen that chooses the next game feels too long.

I would like there to be more games to play, but would rather the devs took their time with that side if the other option was rushing out something unbalanced.

What happens within the confines of the level is the important part and with 59 other jellybeans caroming around the results tend to be different even if you take the same path through the same course. Well, the results are usually a lot of swearing, but the swearing could be because you got jostled by a large group of other contestants, or because a giant fan arm smashed into you in midair and fired you 400 yards off the side of the obstacle course.

This is also the Battle Royale game where I got my quickest solo win, so I’m predisposed to like it more. I was fist pumping and whooping so much that I forgot to pose my character on the post-round celebration screen.

Lots of people have complained about that loading screen, but I don’t mind it. What I do mind is that if I lose and don’t quit out to title before the round ends, I have to sit through the loading screen and the beginning countdown before I get another chance, which sucks and is lame.

I think I’ve trained myself to B-B-A so quickly now when I’m eliminated that I don’t even think about that part any more. I do remember the launch day though and being sucked into the next round as a spectator and the game failing to let me quit. That was bad.

For between game waiting I’ll say that it probably would still be fine even if it was consistently a quite long wait. What makes it feel like a stone in your shoe is that sometimes it’s a fingersnap and you’re off again and then at other times you’re humming “Just keep spinning, spinning, spinning…” for over a minute.

In those cases I presume it’s waiting for that one guy on his Nokia NGage on the Southern Siberian Steppe to connect.


I’ve got a feeling the level cycle screen is supposed to last as long as the music and settle on the next level but at the moment it seems to keep going for longer than expected.

Last Friday I signed up for a month of PS+ just to check this out. The servers were down most of the day on Friday but they came back up Saturday and it’s been great since. The kids love watching me play this, as it’s chock full of hilarious, random moments, largely driven by the rag doll physics of the beans.

I’ve been digging the season progression, it seems fair, and the variety of bean customization. The mini games are great, although Slime Climb is one that seems insurmountable to me for some reason. I’ve qualified for the finale about six times, and come close about twice. Still no wins for me, though.

I’m glad I am doing this as a “rental” because I’m binging the hell out of it and I doubt my interest will continue unless they’re really aggressive about new game modes. If they end up being great about supporting it, especially through the addition of couch coop and a Switch port, then I’ll buy it.

I always find it hilarious when people do stuff like that. Fall Guys is rife with those special moments.


We played a bit last week and it’s a good time. I’d like less team challenges and more solo stuff. More obstacle courses would be ideal as that’s what’s really fun is running in that pack Monsters University style and trying to get to the goal. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Scare Games were some of their inspiration for the game.

I like the team soccer game, even though it is one of the more unfair levels in the game if you have an uneven number of players. It’s like a goofier Rocket League. The team tail grab is the worst of the bunch since you have so little influence on the outcome, aside from “get a tail and keep a tail” and hope enough people on your team can do the same. I’m more likely to get eliminated on the team games since they are mostly decided by who my teammates are, but I do generally find them fun.