Antarctica becomes giant sexfest in winter

16,500 condoms delivered for the 125-person winter crew at US research station.

“potential embarrassment” - avoided!

Job well done, base station manager.

Skeleton crew indeed… let the bonin’ commence.

Assuming 90 days til shipments resume, that allows for about 3 acts per day per couple.


Is the obvious answer that they use the condoms for experiments or something?


For some reason, I have to believe that only a fraction of the population are female.

My isolated Antartica research station horror movie experience seems to point towards a 8 to 1…maybe a 10 to 1 male:female ratio.

That’s where the “experiments” come into play.

You know, this seems like a great starting point for another antarctic reasearch station horror movie.

There may be only 125 people in the winter, but the population swells to 1200 or so at it’s peak (with a pretty large transient population) and the supply is meant to last for the whole year. :P

But yeah, otherwise I would imagine there isn’t much else to do there in the middle of the winter.

Yeah, 16,500 seems like a lot until you spread that out over a year. The population varies between 125 and over 1,000, so if you use 550 as an average, that works out to less than 3 condoms per person per month. Even if half don’t use them, that’s still only six condoms per person per month, which is hardly supports a “giant sexfest.”

Your reasonable assumptions and accurate math aren’t as interesting as the other posters’ math & assumptions.

Why do you hate fun?

Seems like there’s nothing to see here.

Except 16,500 condoms.

That’s what she said… while doing “experiments” in the artic!

Fucking Antartic hobos.

so a case of the smurfette syndrome?

I wonder if they have to throw their used condoms into special biohazard containers.

hehe, that was my thought too :-)

Antarctic hobos, fucking?

(Please people for the love of GOD there are TWO C’s in “Antarctic”!!! I should know, I ran the Qt3 Thing game… and thank God there were NO CONDOMS WHATSOEVER in THAT.)

I INVENTED the QT3 Thing Game and there sure as hell weren’t any women around. You guys tell me what the condoms are for.