Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


If you look in Origin, it says 2:30 PST/5:30EST


Yea, great news about Anthem is that Oats studios is making something for it.


Polygon released a huge feature on Bioware and Anthem:


That… seems… high.


It does. And I worry about what happens if they fall short.


One thing in my jonesing to play a bit more of this is just how beautiful it looked in 4k on the xBoneX.



A teaser for a teaser seems unnecessary.


Hmmm. Thought maybe this was going to be about Helena Tarsis, but it is being described as being “decades before” the game. That would have to be a whole lotta decades.


Only available from origin too, apparently.


Man, hype for this game seems to have evaporated in my online social circle after the launch of Apex. I had three friends planning on getting the game and I was considering joining them, but all of them have opted out now because they’re all playing Apex. I wonder if that anecdata is a crazy outlier or if there’s a wider impact? This just seems to make it a lot harder for Bioware to hit what I thought were already unrealistic sales targets.


It’s just another textbook example of EA cannibalizing itself, ala BF1 and Titanfall 2 releasing a week apart in 2016.

You’d think they’d learn.

And no, you aren’t imagining things. Apex hit 10 million users in 3 days. Fortnite took a week to hit that mark. And Apex hit 25 million in a week. In took Fortnite 3 weeks.


At least this time Respawn didn’t get hosed for the 3rd time.


Ha yeah, this time around it’s Bioware’s turn in the barrel. Well looks like I got charged for my copy last night so no turning back now!


It definitely seems like Apex stole the show. While they don’t scratch the same itch, they are still competing for scarce precious gaming time.

I’ve gone from “I’ll play on Access for a few hours and decide” to “I’ll play on Access for a few hours and pick it up on sale later”


Pre-loading now :)

Also, Nvidia just released a new driver that mentions Anthem support in the notes.


Most friends who were interested in it decided not to based on the ‘beta’, but I suppose it will see the same QOL improvements in a years time or so, so, guess I’ll check back then.

Cant believe EA messes up yet another “AAA” launch like this…


Livestream on Twitch in about an hour


That’s great timing. Who’s going to watch that during the Nintendo Direct?


People who are interested in Anthem? :)