Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


Slowly getting the hang of it. Game is VERY pretty on PC. Definitely recommend controller over KB and Mouse.

I took this using the Nvidia Windows Key-G screenshot thing. Is there a way to natively take a screenshot in game?


You still get the loot you had already earned. It will show up the next time you finish anything and get an expedition complete screen. Just pop into freeplay for a moment, then exit.

I don’t use controllers, so I can’t compare. I will say that the Flight/ Combat controls are pretty fantastic now with M&KB. My colossus flies like a crazy combo of an A-10 Warthog and a Sopwith Camel (it took some tweaking and experiments with the settings).

Lastly, here’s a map for a bunch of the overworld chests. Keep in mind, it’s still random – they have a chance to spawn, but not a guarantee.


Voice defaulted to off during the demo. Devs said it was being changed to default on, but that change could be in the day 1 patch on the 22nd.


Those damn chests are important. To advance the plot you need to gain access to four tombs. Ala, you need to do a lot of shit in Open World.


I finally got in on the Access Basic 10-day trial for a bit. If anyone wants to friend me on Origin, I’m Geddsu there.

I haven’t played enough yet to see if anything’s changed from my original opinion, but I will say two things: 1) swimming is definitely fixed on mouse and keyboard, and 2) I still think walking is too slow in Fort Tarsis, even with shift/sprint now working.

I did want to ask those who’ve gotten a lot further…there’s a thread over on reddit where someone was talking about how frustrating the story mission experience can be because of the loading times. The short story is that when you start a story expedition, you can end up joining in after some of the initial story has happened so you miss out.

A Bioware rep said that when you start a story mission (not quickplay), you can be matched with a group of other plays who did the same for a window up to about 60 seconds. The problem is that, because of the loading times, if player 1 starts the expedition (so second 0), and then player 2 gets matched to that group late (say second 59), by the time player 2 is loaded in, player 1 may have flown pretty far from the starting point meaning when player 2 loads in, they’ll get teleported forward (and hit with another lengthy loading screen). So player 2 might end up missing all the story stuff up to that point.

Has anyone else experienced something like that? There might be a fundamental flaw in the system, where players, when they’re done loading, aren’t held until the whole group gets there.


I do all the story missions solo, to make sure I don’t miss out on anything. Then, I hit quickplay to redo them (randomly) with others. It’s not the fastest path to endgame, but so what? :)


I can tell you that for whatever reason, it takes @Oscuros a good bit longer than me to load in…like a couple of minutes each time. This means, even if I go nowhere, he’s missing start of mission dialog every time.

He’s having additional weirdness, like not seeing enemies for 5-10 seconds after I do as well. We have tried both him joining me and vice- versa, but it doesn’t appear to have an impact.

The biggest complaint I’ve seen online is that if you join a mission like you described and people have gone ahead, it can then force another load on you to jump to them, leading to a string of nothing but load screens. I haven’t seen anything like that, but can imagine it would be terribly frustrating.

I suggest if you have a system that takes longer to load, do missions privately or with friends that won’t run ahead on you.


Do you find that quick play tends to favor your most recent story mission? It certainly seemed to in the open demo, but the pool was much smaller then.

This seems like a good compromise, and I’m certainly in no rush for the level cap. I’ll give this a try. My load times didn’t seem overly long, but I’d hate to lose the leveling stories the first time through

I didn’t think about this, but I guess it would make sense that the mission script might be running globally instead of per player. All the more reason to wait for everyone to load in before starting the script. Hard to believe Bioware would miss this in testing, given the story driven focus.


Not that I noticed. In the demo, it was, as you noted, a very small pool. Not now!


Btw, if anyone is struggling with getting multikills, you need to kill 8 enemies in 10 seconds by any combination of skills/abilities/ultimates/guns/etc (a reddit poster says they were told this by a dev and from experience it seems reasonable). People saying ults don’t work are wrong. This is pretty easy to get done on freeplay, especially on easy. If you are wondering why this matters, it is part of a story objective a ways in.



Died in a MP mission and couldn’t get a ressurect so I hit the respawn button.

Queue a 30 second loading screen.
Upon ressurecting far in the back, I have the 20 second timer that I’m outside friendly zone, except there is 8 seconds left of it.
8 seconds pass by.
Queue another loading screen for 10 seconds as my characters x,y,z coordinates are moved a few thousand integers…

Really poorly implemented.

Edit: I wonder if Squad invites from the expedition start screen works or not. There is absolutely no feedback when you invite someone.


The in-mission loading screen when you’re just being repositioned is something they said they’ve fixed. I believe it’ll be in the patch for the 22nd, but I’m not 100% sure on that.


Did they say they were changing how that worked?

@instant0 invites from expedition start definitely work


The respawn thing was discussed in a reddit thread here:

And confirmed the dev said this will be in the next patch.


Sent you a request. I’m VC-Kadath


Got it, thanks!


Yeah, they HAVE to fix the load times. Even with an SSD they are way too long… even BF1/5 load faster… and thats a mp game with 64 player maps!


What’s with all the loading mid missions? I can take long loading times before a mission start, but mid mission, that’s just baffling.


There’s too much friction between me getting into this game and enjoying. I can’t be bothered to load it up only to traipse slowly through Fort Tarsus.


There needs to be an option to start in the mission select screen somehow.