Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny

How do you figure? When he took over in Sept. 2013, the stock price was around $27. It’s now $95. That’s an annualized ROI of over 24% during a time when the S&P returned just under 10%. Seems pretty good to me. My portfolio, in particular, thanks him (and Strauss Zelnick — TTWO was another great buy).

I would think that “finance” you is more grateful than “gaming” you, course, with the extra $ you can buy good games from non-EA entities.


Trying to put my finger on the unsatisfying mechanics:

New Anthem PTS fail: they nerfed melee dmg the only viable way to play since skills and guns are too limited

Yep, stealth nerfed.

Probably hell on Interceptors.

Anthem devs: “Don’t mind us. We don’t know what we’re doing.”

Yeah at this point any changes should be like:

Is it fun?
Does it benefit the player?
Will it keep the player engaged?

Nothing should be nerfed.

Or if it is nerfed, it should be included in a massive overhaul patch that’s also adding a bunch of new stuff.

What really boggles my mind is the slapdash lack of care they put into even the MTX monetization model, which is required to generate goodwill spending and playerbase acceptance to keep their budget alive. Their current drip+FOMO model really really sucks and is player-hostile.

I can’t imagine the few spending whales that do fall for the current MTX model are even close to enough to sustain the game.

Based on Bioware and EA’s constant efforts to steer the game in one particular direction, had the game been an actual hit it could have been aptly titled Springtime for Hitler.


Comment of the day.

Late to the party, but I was told Americans have nfi what Kinder Surprise Egg is. Apparently it is a violation of food safety law (or some such) to include a toy INSIDE food, so it is banned in America. So your reference may not be enjoyed by Americans.

The first time I heard it from an Amercian exchange student, I was like “Wwwwwwwwwhat?”.

I’ve been asked so smuggle Kinder Surprises before on my visits to Murrikka.

Or maybe BioWare has some Enkindler Surprise ones I can pickup from their Edmonton office locally before they get shut down for failing Anthem and DA4?

So it is kind of like cocaine then? Strictly illegal but people know.

Do you smuggle it by swallowing them wrapped in condom??? Isn’t it easier to eat the egg yourself and then give the Americans the toy??? So much more direct.

Eh. They sell Kinder Joy eggs here which are about 98% as good.

“We’re pretty honest with ourselves. Our progression systems aren’t as good as we wanted them to be.”

Surprise Progression

…WHAT progression systems?