Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


I don’t know, I think ESO gets around this a lot. Everything in that game seems to be heavily instanced/player dependent. I can go into a new area, the entire city is under attack, enemies in the streets, buildings burning, other players running around fighting. But then I beat a particular quest, the fighting stops, the town goes back to normal, etc. Now I’m running around with the players who are at that point as well, and it’s all completely seamless. The tech is kind of amazing, and it really helps you feel you have some agency in the world.


Anyway I was refering to animals. Is hard to make a living breathing forest in a videogame. One with (maybe) random animals attacking other animals, like we see in the Anthem video. To me, having a large forest with dynamic ecosystems would be more a achievement than the graphic quality (that seems amazing). Horizont Dawn Zero kind of pointed a bit into that direction, and it was good, but very limited.


As Bioware should have learned from SWTOR. I wish they would stick to the genre that they are (or used to be) good at.


Hang on now, are we certain that Anthem is an MMO and not a game that allows friends to drop in and out like, for instance, Gears of War or something?


Sounds like Anthem will be like The Division or Destiny - a “shared open world” game but not entirely an MMO


This is what it looked like to me. I’m not sure where the MMO is coming from based on that trailer.


Yep, I wondered at that moment whether it was characters or players talking (like it was some “trapped in a game” storyline or something).


See posted above, there is SP.


Right, but question remains how good is it in SP. Division also has SP, I finished it in SP, but it was barely 6/10 game, all it had going for it was NY and great graphics, rest was mediocre (gameplay) to terrible (“story”). Hopefully Anthem will fare much better.


I don’t care about the SP as SP, as long as the pick-up multiplayer is good. That’s where the Division shone - it did a great job of incentivising cooperation and light tactical play without requiring coordination. That and having a great drop-in-drop-out matchmaking system, at least when it worked.


Sure but I was responding the question you asked, not the one you didn’t ask :)


hah, true.


I don’t know about this. It’s pretty I guess.

Bungie really excel in their combat feel, so Destiny 2 being great to play is a given. But Bioware? Their combat is usually kinda clunky so I’ll wait a bit longer before getting excited I think.


The combat is pretty great in Andromeda so that’s not a category I worry too much about, personally. It does take a bit of the sting losing Mass Effect for an indeterminate amount of time if this turns out to be pretty awesome. I gotta believe!


Yeah, they’ve gotten better and better with the combat in ME2->ME3->ME:A.


They were busy making this game and not ME Andromeda…


It’s pretty clear that ME:A was a Bioware by-blow and this “Hey, everybody is making money on active server shooters, so let’s get some too!” Anthem thing was the golden child.


Maybe no. Maybe MEA is bad because they started near a window and they opened the window and jumped and flapped their arms and tried to fly like a bird.

While this game start his life has a bird.

MEA is (imho) more a victim of trying to follow the latest fads, instead of playing to the strengths of the ME serie. The people that paid for MEA did not believed the world wanted another ME with the ME style: amazing skybox, interesting characters, talk and guns. Instead they copied shit from Skyrim, I think, or who know what other games, that are not the strengh of the ME serie.


Based on the Kotaku article, I would say that MEA was a victim of rapid scope change.


Weirdly I already played a jetpack and jungle shooter with some buddies. Made by Bioware. That part was pretty good actually. It’s like Havarl got its own series.